Wildlife recovery in Namibia

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Pride of Namibia

1 March 2014

Namibia is home to the greatest wildlife recovery story ever told. Since its birth just over 2 decades ago, the country of Namibia has shown the world how to ensure Africa’s natural legacy while expanding livelihoods.

“Pride of Namibia” tells the story of communities committed to protecting wildlife, of a nation that has enshrined conservation into its constitution, and of the future of responsible travel – tourism that directly benefits the people who give wildlife freedom to roam.

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14 thoughts on “Wildlife recovery in Namibia

    • Hi Emy. I agree with your article, the slaughter of seals in Namibia needs some positive action. It has nothing to do with fish stocks at all. This is completely profit orientated and has been going on for a long time. If I am not mistaken, there one man behind most of it , the self-styled “King of Seal Killers” – I think his name is Yavuz.. He is Turkish. Let’s hope some of the petitions have some effect. Thanks for coming over and commenting and I apologise for the late reply. Best wishes ~ Amelia 🙂

  1. This is a great story. I participated in an elephant conservation program in Thailand that essentially has the same philosophy and goals… it seems like a very workable and positive solution. One question: I thought I read late last year that the black rhino was extinct? The video claims that it has a rising population of them…

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