The Clock Has Struck Twelve!

Tiger in the snow

May 2014 also bring about the much-needed changes so many yearn for.

For the noble animals of the wild, new global (enforceable) laws which will put an end to cruelty in all its forms, and the repealing of misguided existing laws which permit ruthless, indiscriminate slaughter of the innocent.

An end to the merciless, murderous activities of poachers in Africa, and an end to the brutal and dispassionate slaying  of the majestic and blameless wolf in other countries.

An end to the shameless narcissism and one-upmanship aiding and abetting the prosperity and growth of the cold-blooded fur industry, and the expansion of savage, sadistic fur factory farms.

An end to the rampant corporate greed destroying the rainforests.

New laws protecting domestic and factory farm animals, some so heartlessly abused and in such dire need of our help.

An end to cruelty to our fellow human beings, abuse of civil liberties and acceptance of those who are different.

If we continue to fight against all such wrongs in this world, I believe we will one day be where we want to be, allowing ourselves to enjoy a more peaceful, healthier and happier global society.  A society fit for all to live in on this still beautiful planet.

No-one really wants a perfect world, but right now, we all need a much better one.

Happy New Year everyone!

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November is Manatee Awareness Month

This group of three West Indian manatees (Tric...

Officially, it’s Manatee Awareness Month in the state of Florida, and the manatees are on the move.  Save the Manatee are calling for the public to rise to the occasion again, and help this dignified and majestic marine mammal to get where it wants to go to. 

It certainly can’t be said this gentle creature has had the best of years in 2013.  The death toll has been extremely high. Two unusual algal blooms and the usual water craft accidents took out either them or their food supply, depleting their numbers by seven hundred and seventy-one by the beginning of November.  The deadliest year ever recorded.

Now winter is almost upon us and the manatees need food and shelter in warmer waters. In 2010, hundreds of manatees died from cold stress.  They cannot tolerate sustained temperatures below 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is imperative they get to their destination before the temperatures fall too low.

Each year they migrate back to Florida to their warm winter sites.  The safety of this already endangered species is paramount.

Here’s how you can help to see them securely along the rivers, canals and coastlines.

ManateeIf you use any form of water craft, slow down for migrating manatees.

Don’t attempt to feed them.  These awesome creatures don’t need to be encouraged to stay. Leave them to migrate.  If they stay, they will die.

Stick with the marked channels.

Wear polarized sunglasses.  These will improve your vision as manatees can be difficult to see in the water, despite their size.

Heed speed protection zones  –  They come into effect this week on November 15th.

Use poles, paddles or trolling motors when close to manatees.

Look out for rippling circles which the manatees create when they are just below the surface.

You can also blog like mad about them, helping to spread awareness of the manatees and their annual migration.

Eastern Seaboard and Gulf of Mexico residents and boating communities are asked to report any sightings of the endangered marine mammals to their local Marine Mammal Stranding Network.  Stranding network phone numbers are posted at NOAA Fisheries

To report an injured, harassed, or dead manatee in Florida, call the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Hotline at 1-888-404-FWCC (3922)


Help the noble manatee to stay alive

Here are some great links with oodles of further information::
Save the Manatee
Defenders of Wildlife
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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Another Wonderful 5 Star Review of Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

My heartfelt thanks to author David Rowinski for this amazing review on amazon.

New Book Cover December 2012I finished reading Mungai and the Goa Constrictor over a week ago and though I planned on immediately posting a review I refrained, allowing myself time to consider the story.

As I closed the book, I believed I had read a simple fable about the evil of environmental exploitation, but after reflecting I realized her story is more nuanced. She resists the temptation to draw a clear line between humans and animals. Instead, she creates an amorphous creature of desire, Mungai, who allies with Goa, a constrictor. These two approach an array of animals. Seducing them with promises of comfort enjoyed by the two legged, these animals are soon in the employ of these tricksters. This is an important point. As countries emerge from poverty to seek their share of resources difficult challenges will be posed.

Ms Curzon weaves a wonderful tale, addressing pressing concerns with wit, wisdom, and sympathy.



‘Mungai’ Hits Number Seventeen in Amazon UK Best Seller Lists

New Book Cover December 2012

Wow!  Totally amazing news!  Mungai and the Goa Constrictor is currently listed in the Amazon Best Seller paid lists UK, books about the environment, at Number 17. Best news I’ve had for ages. 🙂

Yipee! Another Wonderful 5 Star Review for Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

My heartfelt thanks to the fabulous Paul R Hewlett for this fantastic review of Mungai. Paul is a great writer himself, so I am especially moved by his words.

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor - Book CoverAwesome and insightful by Paul (USA)

I loved this book. Mungai is quite a character. An unidentified animal, I believe a little bit of Mungai is in every one of us in some way or another. His tricks and skullduggery are something to behold. I loved the message in this story and I think young and adult readers alike will enjoy it. The setting is vivid, descriptive and great (I am preferential to jungles). The way the jungle animals bonded together along with humans proves that we can coexist and work together. I loved, loved, loved the cover of this book! This ought to be a staple in family homes, schools, and libraries across the globe.



Paperback on Createspace

Another wonderful 5 star review for Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

Huge thanks to ‘diebus’ for this fantastic review.

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor - Book CoverEducational and entertaining by diebus

“Mungai and the Goa Constrictor” by Amelia E. Curzon is as lovely a story as it is serious. Written for children and adults alike it should provide a good base for adult – child discussions on the ethics of animal welfare and nature preservation.
With a hint of Animal Farm and The Jungle Book this is a wonderful moral tale about two animals, one a boa constrictor, the other unspecified, and their ploy to use other animals and nature reserves to have an easy and wealthy life. Told from an animal perspective
There are beautiful scenes where animals use their natural abilities to create a mill and constructions and only gradually does it dawn on them what they do to their own habitat and environment.
The characters in the story are well-developed and make the story richer than just a moral tale, which I found quite a relief after reading the blurb. This is unique and intelligently written, exposing the idea behind the manipulating two, the naivety of the animals and the book distinguishes between the good and the bad ‘two-legs’.
Pleasantly sophisticated it may be too much for the very young readers, but could well be transcribed into a picture book with the right illustrator. It is a story and a book worth exploring.



Paperback on Createspace