Rock star launches badger vaccination appeal

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Brian May has launched a badger vaccination funding appeal  to bolster support for alternatives to the cull.

The Queen guitarist hopes to recruit donors and volunteers for a drive to prove that vaccines are a viable alternative and persuade farmers to adopt the method. He hopes to tap into public disquiet about the cull which saw more than 300,000 sign his Downing Street website petition urging a halt.

More than £200,000 has already been pledged by the guitarist and sponsors such as the Lush cosmetics, and the band Hawkwind –who played a charity concert in aid of animal charities last month – have pledged £10,000.

The aim is to generate enough financial backing and volunteers for large-scale five-year programmes across five of the areas worst hit by TB, which are Somerset and Gloucestershire, where pilot culls have been taking place, as well as Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

Vaccination costs around £120…

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7 thoughts on “Rock star launches badger vaccination appeal

    • Yes.. good old Brian May again. 🙂 I doubt, though, “hope reason, compassion and science (will) prevail”, Carmen. This issue is as out of control as that of wolves in America. It doesn’t matter how many seeming wins we get, it starts all over again. It seems fairly obvious to me, Cameron and his cronies are not going to stop until they have obliterated all wildlife in Britain. Well…what’s left of it, anyway! 😦

      • The UK National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) state: ” In general, wildlife crime is any action which contravenes current legislation governing the protection of the UK’s wild animals and plants and includes:

        Badger persecution – including baiting, snaring, shooting, and disturbance of setts.”

        Do they have a public stance on this crime?.

        • It’s worth bearing in mind, Carmen, that the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit are, in fact, the police! So are the force that turn up at the culls to protect those killing the badgers.

          The UK National Wildlife Crime Unit, who describe themselves as “a key player in the fight against badger persecution” had problems last year with funding from the Home Office!! but are now back on track. They tend to concentrate more on poachers and their dogs – which is good because this is an exceptionally cruel sport – but any updates on their involvement with the culls have eluded me.

          Did you know, Badgers have their own Act, too – “The Protection of Badgers Act 1992”. Considering recent events, the value of that could be viewed, quite reasonably, with a good deal of scepticism!

          • Thank you for the extensive information, Amelia. One, sometimes, wants to believe. A very sad fact seen so frequently: laws and regulations regarding non-humans are always trampled upon, broken, disregarded and overseen because those voices are never heard, because those lives lie always defenceless before Man. Many tears for them all. 😦

            • My biggest beef here is the majority of those in power are pro blood-sports – especially fox hunting. Badgers mean nothing to them, except to protect their lazy farming friends who either can’t be bothered to vaccinate and won’t foot the expense. And most are far from poor! The whole thing is totally shameful, Carmen. 😦

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