9 thoughts on “China’s Rich And Powerful Show Off Their Social Status By Attending Ritual Tiger Killings

  1. I felt terrible “liking” this post Amelia. If only we in the west could extend our influence by publicly expressing our outrage and disgust at vile practices and customs such as these. We can’t worry about offending China, we can’t worry about trade agreements etc. Despicable cruelty to animals transcends all this.

    • Unfortunately, Lee-Anne, it would be very difficult to stop all commercial trade with China, but as ordinary consumers we should all cease buying the cheap and unnecessary goods they have exported around the world. By buying these goods, WE have made them “rich and powerful”.

      Notably, this new Chinese supposed “elite” have no more regard for life than the rest of China. But, from a country which harvests organs from live human “donors”, I doubt, unless we can impact upon their wealth, they will ever give any thought to animals at all.

      There is, of course, the very admirable and fast-growing animal rights movement in China, but they are still few and do not have the right laws to back them. And, you’re right – we should be doing something about it here in the West.

      I, for one, never knowingly buy anything with the label “Made in China”. A drop in the ocean perhaps, but “the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” – Mother Teresa.

      Thanks for dropping by, Lee-Anne. Your comments are always most appreciated ~ Amelia

      • And thanks to you Amelia, you are so well informed it’s a pleasure to ‘drop by’ 🙂

        My daughter saw last week on Facebook that the Chinese animal activist group rescued hundreds of dogs headed for slaughter in the hideous dog-meat trade. Made us so happy! Not much as Mother T says, but it helps (as those dogs would testify if they could speak).


  2. Is there anything we in this part of the world can do to apply pressure on these people?

    • The only realistic thing we can do, as consumers, is stop buying their products. Although it may not be practical to stop trading with China altogether, we could, and should, stop buying all the cheap, unncecessary items which have flooded the markets of America and Europe. Even this would make a considerable dent in their pockets. Many of the “Rich And Powerful” have grown rich and powerful because we have lined these pockets. Sadly, we are forever witnessing the tragic effects. Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting, it is always appreciated. ~ Amelia

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