Earth Hour – 29 March 2014


Today, Saturday 29th March 2014, billions of people in over one hundred and fifty countries (that means over seven thousand cities) will turn out the lights. A World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) initiative, dating back to 2007, has once again united the world in an effort to bring attention to energy consumption, sustainability and climate change issues.

This remarkable annual global occurrence takes place between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm (YOUR) local time.  Starting in New Zealand and ending in Tahiti, lights of some of the world’s most iconic monuments, landmarks and skylines will be switched off. Many will also turn off their televisions, computers, Xboxes and PlayStations, and any other power-driven gadgets they have.  

This is undoubtedly the largest ever collaboration to help safeguard the planet, and numbers of participants are growing every year. The hour has, in many places, evolved into something much longer. Environmental projects are taking place, such as tree-planting and litter clearance. Stargazing without the hindrance of bright city lights has become very popular. Candle-lit activities have been arranged, parties are being thrown and acoustic concerts given. In fact, masses of entertaining activities are going on around the globe – and all without the use of power. 

Will you be turning your lights out?

There are some fabulous interactive images here from Earth Hour 2013, where, from image 2, you can click on each image and see the lights fade out.

And a few still shots of some of the places where the lights have been turned off in past years.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and S...

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, Australia

Makati, The Philippines

Makati, The Philippines

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Kiev - Earth Hour 2013

Kiev, Ukraine

Hong Kong - Earth Hour 2013

Hong Kong

Earth Hour in Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan

The Empire State building

The Empire State building, New York

Vienna's City Hall - Earth Hour

Vienna’s City Hall, Austria

Houses of Parliament, London - Earth Hour

Houses of Parliament, London

Cairo - Earth Hour

Cairo, Egypt

Lights out in South Africa

Lights out in South Africa

Earth Hour by Jeremiah Armstrong WWF-Canada.

Earth Hour by Jeremiah Armstrong WWF – Canada

37 thoughts on “Earth Hour – 29 March 2014

  1. I love the message of this event as well as the way that communities from all around the world pull together to consistently act together for a common cause.


    • I also find it quite moving the way people unite in this way – and so many, too. Today is, of course, Earth Day (and Earth Week runs April 21-25 ), with even more wonderful happenings across the globe. It sort of restores one’s faith somehow – Amelia 🙂

  2. We aren’t connected to the grid and use solar power. The only thing I see wrong with turning all the lights out, especially in these skyscrapers is that it takes four hours worth of power to turn a fluorescent light back on. Everything is fine, it shows people what we can do without.

    • How wonderful to be so self-sufficient, Laurie 🙂 True – it does take a lot to get back to normal, but, as you say, we can see what we can do without (for a limited time). And I love the way so many different people cared enough and pulled together for the project. It saves little, if anything at all, but it does unite nations, and spreads awareness far and wide. Have a great day/night!, Laurie ~ Amelia 🙂

      • It’s a great pity the whole world couldn’t pull together and unite to get it back into shape Amelia.

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