Killing Healthy Zoo Animals Is Wrong—And the Public Agrees

As usual, Exposing the Big Game has hit the mark with this article. The only thing these poor animals are being conserved for is profit. This appalling, needless slaughter has to stop. The behaviour of all those involved in this multi-billion dollar industry is not acceptable on any level. They seem to have completely redefined the word “conservation” to meet their own ends and the public will not be conned by them any more. They have been exposed and It’s time they realised this.

Exposing the Big Game

Scientist calls lion, giraffe deaths “zoothanasia”—or heartless elimination.

A photo of two lionesses at the Copenhagen Zoo.

Two lionesses are seen at the Copenhagen Zoo on March 26, not long after four other lions were put to death.


Marc Bekoff

for National Geographic

Published March 27, 2014

The four lions killed by the Copenhagen Zoo this week, as well as  the healthy young giraffe named Marius put to death in February, didn’t have to die.

A global uproar has followed the deaths of two African lions and their two ten-month-old cubs. Their lives ended because the zoo wants to introduce a new male to the remaining females to bear more lions.

The same outcry was heard when a healthy young giraffe named Marius, who had the wrong genes for the facility’s breeding program, was killed with a bolt to his head—so as not to contaminate his body with poisons. The giraffe…

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