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Fight for Rhinos

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Rub your eyes, read it again. Yes, this is for real. American philanthropist, Howard Buffett donated this phenomenal amount to SANParks (South Africa National Parks) on Monday.

Buffet is no stranger to charitable contributions in Africa, having made previous donations toward alleviating poverty, with particular concentration on areas of conflict.  He sees this as a link in the chain, stating

“When you see what conflict does to people, you cannot turn away. That conflict is fuelled by rhino horns, elephant ivory.” 

Howard Buffet in Cameroon Howard Buffett in Cameroon.

Long-term plan

Over the next 30 months, there is a campaign in place throughout Kruger National Park to stomp out poaching through improved intelligence.  It will provide

the rangers with badly needed technology and equipment. Some of the equipment will include:
*aerostat balloons
*land vehicles equipped with electronic sensors to…

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10 thoughts on “Dare to Hope

    • Unbelievably good news, Carmen. We need people of this calibre in politics! I can’t help but notice, since the well-publicised London Conference, poaching has escalated in some parts! What does that tell you about these governments (including our own)!!

      • I read the brief on the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade and the proposals are brilliant. Funds are so necessary, but how can they tackle corruption?. As good as these type of news are, there is also deception. No wonder that poaching has risen. Work needs to be done down-up, eliminating poverty first and foremost.

        • I agree totally agree, Carmen. Poverty is a huge problem, as is instability in some countries. Educating people goes a long way too. In many places, the locals are being shown the advantages of tourism, which , of course, is another multi-billion dollar industry – but one, if well-managed, we can all approve of. 🙂

          • I agree, Amelia, it is a very long and difficult way. Involving the local community is one of the best strategies, as the touching comment of one of the Grévy’s zebras rangers showed :-).

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