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Rub your eyes, read it again. Yes, this is for real. American philanthropist, Howard Buffett donated this phenomenal amount to SANParks (South Africa National Parks) on Monday.

Buffet is no stranger to charitable contributions in Africa, having made previous donations toward alleviating poverty, with particular concentration on areas of conflict.  He sees this as a link in the chain, stating

“When you see what conflict does to people, you cannot turn away. That conflict is fuelled by rhino horns, elephant ivory.” 

Howard Buffet in Cameroon Howard Buffett in Cameroon.

Long-term plan

Over the next 30 months, there is a campaign in place throughout Kruger National Park to stomp out poaching through improved intelligence.  It will provide

the rangers with badly needed technology and equipment. Some of the equipment will include:
*aerostat balloons
*land vehicles equipped with electronic sensors to…

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US Comprehensive Ivory Ban Now In Place

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

US Comprehensive Ivory Ban Now in Place
Press Release: The Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) has received information from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) that the comprehensive ivory ban announced by the White House as part of their new National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking goes into effect immediately. The White House has stated that this ban is the best way to help ens…ure that U.S. markets do not contribute to the further decline of African elephants in the wild.
The comprehensive strategy includes: 1. All commercial imports of African elephant ivory, including antiques, are prohibited. 2. All commercial exports are prohibited, except for bona fide antiques, certain noncommercial items, and in exceptional circumstances permitted under the Endangered Species Act. 3. All sales of ivory across state lines are banned, except for bona fide antiques. Sales within a state are also banned, unless the seller can…

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Rock star launches badger vaccination appeal

Green Living London

v3-pg-14-badgers Pic: The Independent

Brian May has launched a badger vaccination funding appeal  to bolster support for alternatives to the cull.

The Queen guitarist hopes to recruit donors and volunteers for a drive to prove that vaccines are a viable alternative and persuade farmers to adopt the method. He hopes to tap into public disquiet about the cull which saw more than 300,000 sign his Downing Street website petition urging a halt.

More than £200,000 has already been pledged by the guitarist and sponsors such as the Lush cosmetics, and the band Hawkwind –who played a charity concert in aid of animal charities last month – have pledged £10,000.

The aim is to generate enough financial backing and volunteers for large-scale five-year programmes across five of the areas worst hit by TB, which are Somerset and Gloucestershire, where pilot culls have been taking place, as well as Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

Vaccination costs around £120…

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Hippopotamus Attacks Crocodile and Saves Gnu

My thanks to the wonderful Cindy Knoke for telling me about this rescue. It is truly astonishing!

The gnu, in the jaws of a crocodile, is struggling to cross the river. Death seems almost certain until a bloat of huge (usually aggressive) hippopotami circle the duo and take action. One hippo, whose maternal instinct must have taken over (assuming it’s female), lunges, mouth agape, for the crocodile. It chases it away and escorts the injured gnu safely to the opposite bank.

Amazingly, the hippo then waits by the bank, guarding the gnu against further attacks, and actually tries pushing it up the bank out of the water. 

The incredible event took place on the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya. It took place three years ago, but has only just gone viral, giving everyone a chance to see it.

FROM GRIEVING TO SNEAKING: : Elephants can guess human’s age and even ethnicity by listening to a voice

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  • Elephants can distinguish a warlike tribe from a more peaceable people by listening to their voices
  • African elephants in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya can tell the difference between two languages used by the Massai and Kamba tribes
  • They use voice and language to help them work out which humans pose a threat to them so they can choose whether to attack or not

An elephant never forgets…a voice.

A study found the gentle giants can distinguish a warlike tribe from a more peaceable people, simply by listening to recordings of their voices.

Not only could the African elephants tell the two languages apart, they could also work out if the speaker was a man or a woman and an adult or a child.



Elephants grieve like humans and are believed to suffer from post traumatic stress

Elephants grieve like humans and are believed to suffer from post traumatic stress

Grieving: Elephants grieve like…

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How To Kill A Wolf: An Undercover Report from the Idaho Coyote and Wolf Derby

This is guaranteed to incense and upset any reasonable and decent person. These “hunters”/killers can only be considered sub-human. Absolutely shameful!

Howling For Justice

Salmon Wolf and Coyote Derby From left to right Bryan Walker_Brian Ertz and Natalie Ertz

“From left to right: Bryan Walker, Brian Ertz, and Natalie Ertz”  (going undercover)

This is a much-needed expose on what wolves are being subjected to in the worst of the worst wolf killing state of Idaho. Four brave souls went undercover to shine a light on this horrific “contest”. I want to thank them for their courage and dedication to the wolves and the coyotes. Predator derbies go on all over the country, often including bobcats and foxes as well. When wolves were delisted, they became a target for these “killing contests”. California is considering a ban on predator derbies.

Warning: Graphic Photos Below


How to Kill a Wolf

An Undercover Report from the Idaho Coyote and Wolf Derby

By Christopher Ketcham

The best way to fatally wound a wolf without killing it instantly is to shoot it in the gut, preferably with armor-piercing ammunition. Unlike soft lead-tipped bullets, which mushroom…

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Dolphins rescued at Langebaan (South Africa)

The ocean update

dolphin-rescued-South-AfricaMarch 10th, 2014. At 17h45 on Sunday the 9th of March, NSRI Mykonos volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated to assist Wildlife Rescue at Kraal Baai, on Langebaan Lagoon, where 2 dolphins were found stranded in shallow water.

Our NSRI volunteer sea rescue duty crew launched our sea rescue craft SPIRIT OF FREEMASONRY and on arrival on-scene found the two dolphins, appearing to be an adult female dolphin and her calf, stranded in shallow water in a channel where they couldn’t get out because of low tide.

It appeared that the dolphins had become stranded in a channel where the area drains of water at low tide, causing shallow pools of water that only fill up again when high tide comes in. It is not known what caused the dolphins to be so far up the lagoon.

A third dolphin witnessed to be in the area had appeared to avoid being caught in…

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