Reprieve for Wolves in Idaho

Wolf with pup

On Monday, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) announced an abrupt end to their wolf extermination program in the Frank Church Wilderness Area after Defenders and other conservation groups took the issue to federal court earlier this month. As of January 15, the trapper had killed nine wolves in the Frank Church Wilderness; he will pack out of the area after all traps and snares have been removed. IDFG says they believe the trapper killed all of the wolves in the Golden and Monumental wolf packs, but the truth is that no one – not event IDFG – knows how many wolves remain in these two packs.Though we are saddened about the nine wolves killed needlessly, any remaining wolves that could have been killed are safe, as are any other animals that could have fallen victim had the effort continued. We are hopeful that our litigation will cause IDFG to think twice about future efforts to eradicate wolves in wilderness areas, and cause U.S. Forest Service officials to deny access to IDFG for such activities.
Read the rest of the article here at Defenders of Wildlife Blog

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The Clock Has Struck Twelve!

Tiger in the snow

May 2014 also bring about the much-needed changes so many yearn for.

For the noble animals of the wild, new global (enforceable) laws which will put an end to cruelty in all its forms, and the repealing of misguided existing laws which permit ruthless, indiscriminate slaughter of the innocent.

An end to the merciless, murderous activities of poachers in Africa, and an end to the brutal and dispassionate slaying  of the majestic and blameless wolf in other countries.

An end to the shameless narcissism and one-upmanship aiding and abetting the prosperity and growth of the cold-blooded fur industry, and the expansion of savage, sadistic fur factory farms.

An end to the rampant corporate greed destroying the rainforests.

New laws protecting domestic and factory farm animals, some so heartlessly abused and in such dire need of our help.

An end to cruelty to our fellow human beings, abuse of civil liberties and acceptance of those who are different.

If we continue to fight against all such wrongs in this world, I believe we will one day be where we want to be, allowing ourselves to enjoy a more peaceful, healthier and happier global society.  A society fit for all to live in on this still beautiful planet.

No-one really wants a perfect world, but right now, we all need a much better one.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Badger Cull Aborted in Gloucestershire

The Telegraph

Courtesy The Daily Telegraph

The pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire will end three weeks early after officials conceded defeat in their attempt to hit targets even after they were significantly reduced.

Culling will end at midday on Saturday after culling contractors informed Natural England that a significant reduction in badger numbers by December 18, when shooting was due to end, was “unlikely”.

The Daily Telegraph
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High Court Rejects Badger Cull Legal Bid

Via The Telegraph

The application by Brian May’s Save Me, naming Environment Secretary Owen Paterson and Natural England as defendants, has been rejected in the High Court. The ruling was delivered today.

Read the full article here on Save Me’s Facebook page

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Brian May Launches High Court Challenge to Gloucestershire Badger Cull

The Telegraph

Rock guitarist Brain May and his ‘Save Me’ organisation (campaigning to end the badger cull) have launched a legal challenge, at the High Court, to the Gloucestershire badger cull.

“John Cooper QC, who is representing the group, said: “From the material I have seen already, it is clear that appropriate procedures have not been taken in relation to this action, which will inevitably lead to the destruction of more wildlife if the government remains unchallenged.

“In all the circumstances and for the grounds we have set out, we assert that the decisions made by Defra, the Secretary of State and Natural England, separately and or cumulatively were unreasonable and should be immediately revoked.”

John Cooper QC

Read more here

Please Help the Badgers of Britain


No matter how many times the scientific evidence is presented, these people will not stop killing our badgers.   Mindless culling is not the answer – vaccination is!   The Government and the NFU are fully aware of this.   Yet, they will not stop.

These deaths are inhumane and unnecessary. This barbaric cull must end before the blood-thirsty NFU endanger the whole species.   And, before they are allowed to shoot, gas or snare, or maim or orphan any more of these shy, gentle, unassuming animals.

This is money and politics, and a species is dying because of it.   Not one ounce of common sense is being displayed here.   And, certainly not one jot of compassion.  Callousness, stupidity and inhumanity are the only things leaping off the page.  Furthermore, England, as a nation, should not be dictated to by one specific sector of society (i.e. the farming community).

These are our badgers, and most of us want to keep them.   This is unlawful killing of a wild animal.  

If those who are against the cull unite, we will have a far greater chance of success. There are many people still out there who object to the cull, but have yet to register that objection.  The badgers need you!  Every signature and every letter counts. Please do the right thing,  and do not stand by and just watch this inhumane and immoral slaughter of these defenceless creatures.  Complacency does not win wars!  Help them now!

“All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”
Edmund Burke

Links where you can help to save the badger (UK)
Humane Society International  (Sign by council area)
Badger Trust
Just do something!

International signing sites
The Animal Rescue Site
iPetitions – Stop the Badger Cull
Badger Rescue and Vaccination Everywhere (sponsors)
Boycott All English Farm Produce

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The Chilling Destruction That Affects Us All!

Chilling Destruction

“Take sides! Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
Elie Wiesel

It is truly shocking the way man has bludgeoned his way into forests, woodlands and plains, and burned,  pushed or starved the indigenous species out and taken what is rightfully theirs.

Those they have not deprived of food and habitat, they have slaughtered in their multitudes, and used every part of their bodies for supposed medicinal human benefit or food.  Some they have kept for amusement.  Many babies have been stolen from their mothers for the pleasure of heartless, self-serving pet owners and profit-making establishments.

Were these creatures themselves human, these deplorable acts would have been construed as crimes against humanity.  There is something monstrously obscene about trapping an animal in the wild and taking it away from its home.  Rather like kidnapping innocent and defenceless children.  A dreadful crime!

There is something equally repugnant about killing an animal for its offspring, fashion, medicine or the consumption of supposed food delicacies.  An unforgivable transgression!

The rainforests (the homes of innumerable  species) are being destroyed at a truly alarming rate.  The importance of these areas does not need underlining, but the devastation is now so great, the future of this planet looks far from promising.

There has never been a more appropriate time to end this chilling destruction and step up the tracking down and punishing of these irresponsible, ignoble, cold-blooded beings, and the heads of corporations so heavily involved in all of this, before it is all too late. And, with many species, we are already dangerously close to that point. 

We don’t all have to get on a plane and fight these atrocious people and organisations first hand.  We can help by spreading awareness, signing petitions as they arise, and writing to governments and other appropriate authorities.

The animals and their rainforests are going fast.  When they are gone, WE won’t be far behind!

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Brazil blames organised crime for rise in deforestation
Forest change mapped by Google Earth

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Asian Animal Rights Groups Gain Momentum

1,100 dogs destined for the slaughterhouse in Chongqing were saved (2012)Despite the highly justified global criticism levelled at the Chinese and other Asian nations for their historic and current abuse of animals, it is perhaps worth mentioning a new trend, and noting not all are abusers. Far from it.

Animal rights activists are growing in numbers in Asia.  Some networks were formed as early as 2004, but it is only now they are truly gathering momentum.  Awareness has been raised and the younger, the better educated and the economically empowered are no Volunteers walk among the 580 dogs at an animal centre after they were rescued for $17,000longer prepared to put up with this sickening treatment of animals on their own doorstep;  but, not just the atrocities carried out in the name of unchallenged practices, but also the use of animals and animal products, and the cases of unprovoked, gratuitous cruelty seen daily in the street.  These champions of animal welfare are gallantly and stalwartly going forward protesting, campaigning, petitioning and raising funds and further awareness to create change.

The organisations and individuals involved deserve our full support and encouragement. In countries so fraught with animal abuse, they have come forward and called for an end to it all;  a positive indicator of a changing culture.

Su Jing Nan with a rescued catNothing can be done to eradicate the past, but, if the organisations themselves continue to flourish at the current rate within their own communities, there is some glimmer of hope for Asia’s animals, both wild and domestic.

Hope for the bears whose bile is extracted so brutally, hope for the dogs and cats skinned and boiled alive, hope for the tiger hunted for its meat and bones, and hope for the orangutan and all the other disenfranchised animals of Asia who are so violently and mercilessly used and abused.

Change is never instant, sometimes it can take decades, more especially when iniquitous and measured depravity are embedded in the souls of the perpetrators.  But, thanks to those who cared deeply enough to take a stance, the future is starting to look a little brighter for our furry friends.

Here are just a few of the links to Asia’s own inspiring people and organisations.
Chinese Companion Animal Protection Network
Korea Animal Rights Advocates
Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre in Guangyuan
A Dog’s Best Friend
Fight for Animal Cruelty Laws in China
Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association