1. On your earlier post, “Meet Green, an orangutan and victim of human impact,” I refrained from comment; I watched the video by the way.

    But since you posted this, I’ll speak my piece, but meaning no disrespect; for Amelia, I have the utmost for you.

    Many of your readers, judging from their comments, harbor sincere concern for wildlife. Orangutans, dolphins, wolves, what have you. That’s good. But I have the sense that many hold no regard for the traditional food animals unless their anxiety relates to an environmental or health issue as this ‘Risk of Factory Farming’ post elaborates on. While it makes mention of the ‘moral and ethical problems with keeping animals in tiny pens’ it says nothing of the villainy of killing these animals.

    Often I’ve puzzled on this hypocrisy.

    I had a conversation with someone recently, whom outraged by the dolphin killings had no qualms to eat a ham sandwich. When I pointed out that, there is no difference in killing dolphins or pigs for food other than the dolphins had lived free, they lost all composure and started babbling about the need for meat.

    I only bring this up because, if there’s to be a lasting solution to this madness, we must respect all life; that is true peace. Although, I’m not foolish enough to imagine we would ever do such a thing. But by denying a sentient being the basic right to life, we’re simply hastening our inevitable doom with a deadening our sensitivities, generation after generation.

    • Well done for watching the video, Peter. Personally, I found it very hard to watch, but I am pleased I stuck with it.

      I am delighted you wish to speak your piece, I think you should. But I also think you will find a great many of my readers, though admittedly not all, harbour enormous concerns about factory farming and the animals involved. Indeed, many of their own blogs are focused on the animal’s welfare, with some pretty horrific text and graphic videos, far more than the health issues to humans.

      But you are absolutely right, the article is sadly lacking in highlighting the cruelty involved in the slaughter of our poor fellow creatures, and the disgusting perpetrators of this cruelty.

      However, I am of the mind “by any means possible”, in that, if the only way to get the vast majority to stop eating meat is through an inherent concern for their own well-being – so be it. Like you, I would rather they forsook killing and eating animals for the sake of the animals. But I feel, in many cases, Peter, this may be just a dream. Some are just never, ever going to care. So go where you will to get the attention. At least it means there is a chance they will stop eating our sentient friends, even though this may be for selfish reasons.

      I certainly get your point about the dolphins and the ham. I have come across that a lot. Sadly, another thing I have noticed is the fact many are acutely aware of that the end may be nigh, but do nothing about it. The common attitude being “there’s nothing I can do about it. No-one else is going to change”, as though their small effort is meaningless. Or, the horribly callous remark of “it’s just an animal”. As you say “we’re simply hastening our inevitable doom with a deadening our sensitivities, generation after generation”. Hopefully, with time, they will learn!

      Thanks as ever for taking the time to comment, Peter. Your input is always extremely welcome and appreciated ~ Amelia

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