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  1. I completely agree with you. There’s something even more repugnant about the rich and educated classes going off on hunting sprees…they don’t even have the excuse of ignorance and poverty. It’s somehow much worse as they could be setting an example and putting their endless free time and abundant funds to some good. 🙂

    • Absolutely, Lee-Anne. Very well put. I agree with every word 🙂

      Prince Charles said, in his speech at the London Wildlife Conference – “We can send a strong message to criminals that there are serious consequences when they kill endangered wildlife for profit.”

      Where I do agree with him, it beggars belief that it simply does not occur to him that his killing for “sport” is also wrong on every level. Whatever the location, whatever the species. Plus, he makes a bundle by hosting shoots on his extensive lands in the UK! And, he is not alone in this.

      All of these self-indulgent, self-serving people need to change their ways – now! It is also becoming very tiresome listening to the ways they find to justify their barbaric, indefensible actions.

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