The Brutal, Senseless, Killing of Marius the Giraffe….

They gave him his favourite treat, shot him with a bolt gun and fed him to the lions! And, let’s not forget the crowd, including children, they gathered around them whilst cutting him into pieces.

And, this is 2014!

Are these people even civilised!

Bengt Holst should be prosecuted and the vet in attendance struck off. The justification for committing this heinous act amounts to nothing more than drivel. It is their job to care for these animals – not kill them unnecessarily.

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About the murder on Sunday

DENMARK ….. Acts against Nature!!

Howling For Justice

Giraffe RIP Marius_reuters_keldnavntoft_scanpixDenmark

RIP MARIUS/reuters/keldnavntoft/scanpixDenmark

At the Copenhagen zoo, a sweet giraffe named Marius, was shot in the head by the zoo veterinarian , as he was eating a favorite rye bread, then Marius was skinned and fed to the lions. This tragedy played out in front of zoo visitors, even children. This is something that could scar a child for life. But the zoo spokesman saw Marius’ murder as teaching experience for kids.  WHAT?

“I’m actually proud because I think we have given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of a giraffe that they wouldn’t have had from watching a giraffe in a photo.”…..Zoo spokesman Tobias Stenbaek

Why did this terrible thing happen? Well, apparently the zoo has too many giraffes, and I guess the lions were hungry. Never mind that Marius  was a young giraffe, or that someone had offered to pay over $600,000 to rescue him, or…

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14 thoughts on “The Brutal, Senseless, Killing of Marius the Giraffe….

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  2. Oh they are very civilised. They don’t smack their kids . What they let them watch is something else altogether Bad enough they deemed his genes weren’t ‘pure ‘enough…. But they couldn’t even treat the poor thing humanely after they killed him

    • Disgusting people, Shehanne! From start to finish they blatantly devalued that poor, gentle creature. Perhaps their intentions are to desensitise their children so they will grow and do the same, also without any compunction whatsoever. 😦

  3. Oh my gosh, you’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!! Not only would it scar the children for life it would scar me for life! This goes way beyond stupid! It’s an abomination against all life and all that’s sacred. All those involved should be lined up and shot themselves.
    Damn, this is heartbreaking, Amelia. 😦 😦 😦

    • …and what sort of message did they actually send out to those children. This is what we do to animals when we have too many, they are only meaningless animals after all – totally expendable. Come and watch; its fun.
      Good god!
      I think it is now paramount these people are dealt with appropriately. Marius may be gone, bless him, but they must be stopped from repeating this performance. Hugs, Amelia

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