Princes Charles and William Unite for Wildlife

Hopefully, they will also consider reviewing their own ‘sporting’ activities, which involve killing a great deal of  ‘non-endangered’  wildlife.

10 thoughts on “Princes Charles and William Unite for Wildlife

  1. while commendable i could certainly appreciate this more if they weren’t killers of endangered animals themselves. reeks of hypocritism! shame, they are in a position to do great things.

    • Oh yes! In truth, I had forgotten all about that. And, of course, as you say, he got completely away with it. Perhaps his memory needs jogging! Though I am pleased he is doing this. It is the sort of thing that needs loads of high profile persons involved, as well as governments. After all, they have been a bit slow to act on my comments and yours so far LOL 🙂

      • I agree! Sometimes, people veer a bit from one extreme to another . The late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands killed many elephants. Then, he became a big shot in the WWF. He then proposed to kill elephant poachers without trial. However much I am against poaching, I am also against the death penalty; certainly without trial.

        WWF Spain recently sacked the king of Spain for elephant killing. So, there is some improvement.

        • Actually, although I am all for these people lending their name and fame to useful things, the more I hear about them, the less I feel endeared towards them. I suppose at least Prince Bernhard saw the error of his ways. The others are just downright arrogant and hypocritical. They all need to be told to stop and set some sort of proper example or be made an example of (like the King of Spain). They can’t be in both camps. I am hoping William will bow to public pressure, if nothing else.

  2. I’m 100 % sure that they won’t stop hunting. Our Swedish Royal House hunt as well and are bord members in WWF and IUCN.
    IUCN and WWF don’t oppose hunting.

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