Forest Rangers Raise Leopard Cubs—Worry If They Will Ever Learn Hunting

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POKHARA: Forest rangers at Raniban-based Pumdibhumdi Range post have been rearing two abandoned leopard cubs by spending money from their own pockets. It is an arduous task for them to take care of the three-month old male cub during winter months, but they have no complaints.
Officials had found the cub at Miyapatan of Pokhara two weeks ago. A new leopard cub was found by the locals of Lekhnath four days ago, which was handed over to the range post later. Harilal Lamichhane, a forest guard, said, “The cub found earlier was big. So, it was easy to feed and look after it but the second one is too young. It is just 10 days old. Hence, we are worried how to rear it.” Along with Harilal, Prem Bahadur Baniya, Shiva Prasad Baral and Ananda Adhikari are other officials at the range post. Although no budget is…

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