German travel company says no to dolphin shows

These people should be congratulated. Hopefully more companies will follow suit.

Summit County Citizens Voice

Decision based on animal welfare concerns

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Germany’s largest travel agency and tour operator has announced that it won’t be offering any more trips to destinations that keep whales and dolphins in captivity.

TUI Deutschland officials made the decision after aligning themselves with an advocacy group that has highlighted just a few of the problems faced by captive cetaceans, including tiny enclosures and disruption of social structures.

TUI also cited information from the CNN documentary Blackfish, which is set to air once again on Feb. 9. The company also said it won’t offer trips to destinations that advertise swimming with dolphins, according to the German publication Die Welt.

While facilities like SeaWorld and other marine parks see themselves as good stewards of marine mammals, public pressure is growing to end the practice of showing whales and dolphins for entertainment.

German wildlife advocates said recent worldwide attention…

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3 thoughts on “German travel company says no to dolphin shows

  1. By denying the emotional lives and scientific facts about the vulnerability of these highly social and intelligent crearures, all cetaceans, the consumer industries keep on inflicting suffering, enslavement and deaths for profit from “entertainment”.

    I would show each visitor to an aquarium centre or zoo a breathtaking picture of a wavelet generated by the thousands-of-kilometre-long cetacean songs and ask them if they think that this natural wonder, primordial to their lives, could be achieved in a fish tank.

    Good news and hopefully shedding light on an issue that needs to see an end.

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