Thanks for the Nominations! – Part Two

Awards 2014

I am delighted to say I have been nominated for some more awards.  I am deeply honoured by all the nominations from my blogging friends, new and old, and have great pleasure in passing these awards on to some very deserving bloggers I know; all of whom entertain, inform and often surprise with their extraordinary posts.  

Awards seem to have become very popular once more.  This is wonderful way of showing admiration for other blogs and introducing bloggers to each other, who might never have otherwise met.  So click on some of the links and you just may find someone or something special, not previously discovered.

Some of you may notice I have nominated you before, and think I have forgotten this.  I have not.  I have nominated you again because I think you are worth it. 🙂

AWARDS - Awesome Blog Content Award

Thanks to Wolf is my Soul  and Garry Rogers for this first nomination.

Carina, of Wolf is my Soul,  is a never-tiring advocate for wolves and other animals. Her work here is exemplary and her heart is most certainly deeply embedded in the well-being of all animals. A very special blog indeed!

Garry, with his wonderfully varied and interesting blog, writes about nature, nature conservation and science fiction.  Garry also ‘scoops’ some amazing wildlife articles here at Scoop It

This is my A – Z list
Anti – anything involving cruelty to animals and children and our fellow human beings
Black Labrador lover (so biddable and loyal)
Cocker spaniel lover (adorable, cuddly and incorrigible – perfect!)
Do unto others (the Golden Rule)
Endangered Species advocate
Good listener
Horse lover (one of man’s greatest friends)
Inspired by good people
Jack Russell lover (mine is just so.o.o sweet)
Lover of ALL animal species
Nature lover
Quiet – occasionally!
Staffordshire bull terrier lover (devastatingly trustworthy and gentle)
Trusting – perhaps sometimes too much!
Wildlife supporter
X-tremely stuck on this one
Yesterday was good, today was even better and tomorrow looks extremely promising
Zebra – I’m stuck on this one, too – but I do like zebra.

My nominees for this award are:
Arlen Shahverdyan
At theTable, On my Plate
Cindy Knoke

The rules can be found here.

AWARDS - Very Inspiring Blogger

My sincerest thanks to Susan Dorling of Sunny Side Up for this award.  Susan’s  inspirational blog covers topics such as anti-cruelty campaigns, care of pets, animal advocacy, the animal kingdom in general, and a host of other subjects.  Well worth dropping by!

Seven fairly trivial yet essential things about me:
I. I hate housework
2. I love gardening
3. I hate stuffing duvet covers
4. I love this community of bloggers
5. I hate being late
6. I love driving
7. I am a fresh air fanatic

My nominees for this award are:
Dear Kitty – Some Blog
It Is What It Is 
Fight for Rhinos
For a Better Earth 
Garry Rogers
Glorialana’s Blog
Green-eyed Chess 
Honk If You’re Vegan
Poets Corner 
Morgan Mussell 
Persecution of Mildred Dunlap 
Samina’s Forum
Teacher as Transformer 
The Kitchen’s Garden 
The Journal of Wall Grimm

The rules can be found here

AWARDS - Sunshine Award

My heartfelt thanks to my dear friend, Carmen Mandel from For a Better Earth, for this nomination.  Carmen, a lover of all animals, wild and domestic, has a beautiful, compassionate blog highlighting so many issues I, personally, would not have known about if not for reading here.

My 10 questions:
Favourite food: anything green
Favourite actor: Ralph Fiennes
Favourite TV show: hardly ever watch it
Favourite tear-jerker: Untouchable (original French version)
Favourite sport: riding
Lucky number: four
Tea or coffee: coffee
Holidays: rarely taken
Twitter or Facebook: both, but I hardly find the time go to Facebook any more. I should!
Favourite Christmas movie: A Haunting Harmony

My nominees for this award are:
Poesy plus Polemics
Going To The Dogs
the cosmic pilgrim
Wolf Is My Soul
Night with Deer
Ann Novek

The rules can be found here

AWARDS - Blog of the Year 2013

My deepest thanks go to three people for this award.  As a result, I also now qualify for 5 stars – yippee!

Emy Wills, whose wonderfully informative and important blog FUR OUT THE CLOSET tackles the devastating effects of the abhorrent and heartbreaking fur industry.

Sage Doyle, of The Journal of Wall Grimm, who entertains us all with ongoing episodes in the life of Grimm. 

Tomas Morales of Los Sentidos de la Vida whose fantastic blog reviews film, music, wine and other such interesting topics. 

My nominees are
Kev’s Stuff 
Simple and Interesting
Violet’s Veg ‘n e-comics
Russel Ray Photos
Rumpy Dog 

The rules can be found here 

AWARDS - Versatile Blogger Award x 1Awards - Versatile Blogger Award

My thanks go to Dear Kitty. Some blog and Kev’s Stuff for these awards. Both the Versatile Blogger – but somehow different!

Petrel41’s Dear Kitty. Some blog is the perfect blog to pass on this award. A more versatile blog I have rarely seen. There is so much of interest here, from wildlife news and updates to matters of global injustice, and masses in between. A great blog to follow.

Kev’s fun blog, Kev’s Stuff, offers all sorts of goodies, to diverse to mention, to enjoy … and I am thrilled that he reads so many of my posts.

Seven things about me!
1 I am passionate about the environment and its effect on wildlife.
2 I grew up in the Mediterranean.
3 Amongst my family of other animals, I keep pet chickens, some of which are rescued battery hens.
4 I wrote my very first serious blog post last August (so I am relatively new to this world).
5 My two all-time favourite books are ‘Hanto Yo’ by Ruth Beebe Hill and ‘An Instant in the Wind’ by André Brink.
6 I love chocolate.
7 I cherish being part of the fabulous WordPress community.

My nominees are
Busy Mind Thinking 

Idealistic Rebel
Igor Purlantov
4 Readers and Writers
Jade’s Jungle 
Oil Pastels by Mary
Ivy Mosquito
Heron There & Everywhere 
Old School Garden 
Life or Lunch? 

The rules can be found here

Cracking Chrispmouse Award

Finally, I would like to thank both Idealistic RebelThrough the Peacock’s Eyes and 4 Readers and Writers for the extraordinarily named ‘Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog Award’.  Quite a mouthful, but very much appreciated, my friends. 

Barbara, of Idealistic Rebel, has a wonderfully diverse and enlightening blog.  Here you will find Barbara spreading the word about a multitude of current issues and blogging about interesting events and people. Not forgetting all the wonderful posts concerning women’s issues across the globe.

Julie’s blog, Through the Peacock’s Eyes, offers, amongst other things, a spiritual look at the world around us. A very insightful and inspirational blog. I feel I must also mention pup Ku’s sweet haiku here at Julie’s site.

4 Writers and Readers is a beautiful blog run my dear friend, writer Bette Stevens. Bette blogs about books, monarch butterflies and a host of other interesting topics. There are some pretty intriguing guests to be found here, too. Drop by and say hello!

My nominees are
Ellie Belfiglio
A Daily Thought 
Sunny Side Up
For a Better Earth

This award, I am told, is given is given to someone who spreads one or more of joy, peace, hope and love with their blog! So I am very honoured. The receiver of this award can pass it on if you wish to ANYONE who satisfies the rule of spreading one or more of those lovely things. There’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs you can pass it on.

My thanks again to all the fabulous blogging friends who nominated me for these awards. If I have missed anyone out in passing them on, I am sorry. Please let me know and I will pass on the award I think most appropriate.
I thoroughly enjoy being part of this great WordPress community and appreciate every single one of you who have read, liked or even just glanced at my posts. Thank you especially to those who have taken the time to comment. And… a very big thank you to all of you for the plethora of entertaining, factual, interesting, sad, and often funny posts which stream through my reader each day. Have a wonderful week, everyone ~ Amelia

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Thanks for the Nominations!


48 thoughts on “Thanks for the Nominations! – Part Two

  1. Namaste’ Amelia and blessings abundant! Congratulations for your awards! You are such a beautiful BEing of Light. I want to thank you so sincerely for nominating me for my blog At the Table. I am deeply honored for your recognition. I do not participate in awards, simply because I write from my heart to all hearts and feel the blessings if even 1 BEing can benefit from my experiences and messages. I am again deeply appreciative for your giving me the highest award ever, your kind heart and lovely sharing of your work, your passions with Life, and all Beings. I admire your work, and am grateful to share our journey daily..With much Love and Starshine hugs..Namaste’

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  5. A BIG congrats on all of your awards!!! And thank you so much for the nomination – I really appreciate it!! And like you, I love green foods and chocolate (who needs anything else?). Have a great week! Celeste 🙂

  6. Thank you Amelia. Your nomination gives me a smile on a dreary cloudy day. I just finished Mungai and the Goa Constrictor. I liked the story and the characters. Mungai’s scents gave me other smiles. I’ve made notes, and will get them into readable form pretty soon.

  7. Amelia dear, I envision all the animals on Earth holding their hands, paws, tails, wings and fins in a circle celebrating. You have a heart full of compassion and the gift of the precious written word. More than well-deserved all this admiration and love, my friend. So touched by your double nomination of my blog! ♥

  8. Congratulations on these wonderful awards, Amelia. 🙂 You’re amazing!

    Thank you for thoughtful and gracious nomination of my blog. I have a few to catch up on … thanks for the idea of a group award post.

    • Thank you so much, Bette, and you are most welcome. I snaffled the idea of a group award post from another blogging friend, and I think it’s ideal when you get a few. Good luck with the post. I am sure you must have loads of fantastic awards to put up ~ Amelia 🙂

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