David Cameron to rip up green regulations

English countryside

This just about sums up the disgraceful tactics of David Cameron and his cronies.  The British Government has yet again put corporate greed before environmental concerns.

David Cameron to rip up green regulations

Prime minister says plans to scrap or amend more than 3,000 regulations will save businesses £850m a year
David Cameron will on Monday boast of tearing up 80,000 pages of environmental protections and building guidelines as part of a new push to build more houses and cut costs for businesses.
In a speech to small firms, the prime minister will claim that he is leading the first government in decades to have slashed more needless regulation than it introduced.
Among the regulations to be watered down will be protections for hedgerows and rules about how businesses dispose of waste, despite Cameron’s claims to lead the greenest government ever.
Addressing the Federation of Small Businesses conference, Cameron will argue that the new rules will make it “vastly cheaper” for businesses to comply with their environmental obligations.
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12 thoughts on “David Cameron to rip up green regulations

    • Good word, Lisa. 🙂 I couldn’t agree more. This man’s actions are a blight on the country. No-one wants to visit an over-developed landscape and a commercial dumping ground. Tourism is a huge source of income to the UK. But obviously that sector is not important to this shallow, short-sighted man.

    • Spot on, Natalie. Love that word of yours 🙂 If crimes against the environment were a real issue here, he would be on trial tomorrow. He cannot continue in this vein, ignoring the (sensible, forward-looking and caring) British people, forever. There are also the huge volumes of visitors to the British Isles who come here for the beautiful countryside (about to be turned into an industrial wasteland). You would think he would have learned his lesson with the recent wildlife controversy. This is all going to come back and bite him – really hard, I hope…

  1. That seems pretty short sighted. The U.S. is facing similar issues. Our politicians (regardless of party) need to figure out that protecting our natural resources benefits all of us in the long run and set a better example for the rest of the world….

    • You would think so. Two such important countries could do so much by example. Unfortunately, I think they know exactly what they are doing here. Yet again, greed rears its ugly head, and they also know where the votes and the donations lie. As with the killing of the badgers (like wolves in the US) they are pandering to those who matter most to them…

      • It is the beautiful greens and other colours of our wonderful countrysides that distinguish Britain from other countries that are inundated with bare, rough and almost lifeless mountainous terrains or deadened slums. The nature here cries out for life to fill it and idiots like Cameron want to destroy it all…for what? …don’t get me started.

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