ANIMAL ETHICS: An international court

“There should be an international court to try cases of animal cruelty,” says Oxford ethicist – I couldn’t agree more. The world needs this!



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About the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

~~~ The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, founded in 2006 by its director Professor Andrew Linzey, is an independent Centre with the aim of pioneering ethical perspectives on animals through academic, research, teaching and publication. The Centre has more than 70 Fellows drawn from a variety of academic disciplines from throughout the world. For more information about the Centre and its Fellows please see its website at ~~~

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7 thoughts on “ANIMAL ETHICS: An international court

  1. This will happen some day, Amelia. Thinking and talking about about these concerns, communicating and blogging about them will make it happen that more quickly. We have an international court of justice for humans. Who would have thought that could be even a few decades ago? I am sad and impatient, but I have hope.

    • I do hope so, Monica. It is just what the world needs. I have hope, too, lots of it! The internet is a gift to all of us who wish to spread the word. We are now at a much better advantage. Don’t be sad and impatient – it WILL all come – hang on to that hope 🙂

  2. Marvelous initiative!. I read their pages and was drawn exactly to your point. If what they propose as “Humanitarian organizations worldwide should collaborate in setting up an international court to judge cases of animal cruelty and specifically to assess the culpability of governments, says Oxford ethicist Professor Andrew Linzey, Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.” can be implemented, just figure how much good, peace and welfare would be achieved.

    Of course, this is an ardous way against so many factors, greed and international pressure, but they lead a much needed way towards a better world.

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