Bengal tiger death report

This report into the deaths of Bengal tigers is truly shocking.

Great Cats of the "World"


Panthera tigris tigris ssp – The Bengal Tiger is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and India.

This report focuses on the Bengal Tigers of India.

In India, this sub-species of Tiger is often referred to as the Royal Bengal Tiger; however in 2013 this King was subjected to anything but the protection that royalty would be entitled to. The Bengal Tigers of India are facing a terrible battle and have struggled and fought for their lives just to simply live in the forests that are rightly called their homes.

The unrelenting threats of on-going rampant poaching, vicious habitat loss and heavy prey species decline, human overpopulation and continuous encroachment levelled at the Tigers of India, has left this marvellous Apex predator facing massive threats to its survival.

Many claim the Bengal has less than a decade left before extinction in India if efforts to protect it are not…

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