BLM Planning Another Assault on Great Divide Basin Wild Horses

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Posted by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and published at

Zeroing Out the Wild Horses is the Mission of the BLM and local “Grazing Association

In a continuation of their relentless persecution of the wild herds in Wyoming’s Red Desert, the BLM has posted a Scoping Notice for the roundup of the wild horses in the Great Divide Basin Herd Area in Wyoming.  This is one of three herds that the Rock Springs Grazing Association hopes to completely zero out, removing all wild horses not only from the checkerboard areas of public and private lands but from all public lands as well.

This press release does not propose the complete zeroing out of the herd, but only proposes removing 164 horses at this time, but says that all horses will be removed from private lands.  The document is remarkably vague:


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11 thoughts on “BLM Planning Another Assault on Great Divide Basin Wild Horses

  1. This is always very, very sad news … In the harsh reality of not offering protection or even banning these cruel and lethal practices. at least there ought to be protection to wild pregnant mares and foals. What takes place in the so-called roundups with helicopters is a tale of horror.

    • I find it so hard to believe this is going on, and so difficult to understand the mentality behind this. This can only create all round, untold damage. Apart from which, all countries should be proud to boast any wild horse populations.they have. 😦

      • The cruel mentality behind this is there are so many wild things (not beings) around with no owner, let us trap them by the bunch and profit. Families are torn apart. I never cease to mention this:

        These wild spirits sold for a meager sum are then “broken” in the same cruel rodeos, the mares are sold, inseminated and enslaved for Premarin (Pregnant Mare Urine), then many are back to slaughter. The foals become orphaned, traumatized and sold. A never-ending circle of greed, disrespect and an utter irreverence for Life.

        Many tears for these precious creatures of no chice 😦

        • OMG! Carmen, that is absolutely shocking. I thought they were trapping them for slaughter to take the land for cattle grazing. That is horrible enough, but your explanation brings tears to my eyes.

          I can only reiterate something I once put in a Guest Post I was invited to write by the lovely Jo Barker, on her blog JRBarker101.

          “Besides the popular and highly competitive use of horses today, they have stood alongside us for centuries – as companions, friends and in work. They are beautiful, graceful and honest, and their loyalty and unshakeable courage can never be doubted. All horses have their own personalities, and such an extraordinary sense of perception. You just have to love them! And, if they trust you; they will certainly love you in return and give their all.”

          They don’t deserve any of this. Shame on those responsible 😦 😦

          • What a lovely tribute to the horse spirit, Amelia, how beautifully expressed. I have always brought to attention the source of Premarin (used to alleviate menopause symptoms). So many women are unaware of the cruelty behind this drug. Of course, all this is veiled through marketing. 😦

            There is a motion to stop the cruel “sports”, among them rodeos. it is in the logo of my latest post about the blind.

            • These drug companies have no compassion whatsoever. Helping a human animal by harming a non-human one is immoral. And as to ‘sports’ and ‘blood-sports’ (I particularly hate fox hunting here in the UK) which hurt and kill animals – they should all be banned and the laws enforced robustly. 😦 😦

              • The suffering of these mares “giving” their urine is appalling, Amelia. I wish the public were better informed about cruel practices.

                I heard that the UK was going to ban the cruelty of fox hunting, is this right?. I can feel your distress, likewise here when they release pheasants in the woods to be shot!. I hear the shooting and my heart cringes.These poor birds are bred in captivity with the sole purpose of being hunting targets!.:-(

                • Fox hunting IS banned in the UK, Carmen. Only drag hunts are permitted by law. A lot of hunts simply ignore the ban, though. It’s the same old story – too many in the Government are aligned to these people. They get away with it. Plus, they are trying to reverse the ban!

                  It is also the pheasant season here. Like you, I can hear the guns all the time. It’s such a shame, and perfectly legal – they breed them to shoot them here, too. I get them in my garden regularly, and they are so beautiful – I don’t know how they can, in all conscience, kill them. But they do. 😦

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