The Clock Has Struck Twelve!

Tiger in the snow

May 2014 also bring about the much-needed changes so many yearn for.

For the noble animals of the wild, new global (enforceable) laws which will put an end to cruelty in all its forms, and the repealing of misguided existing laws which permit ruthless, indiscriminate slaughter of the innocent.

An end to the merciless, murderous activities of poachers in Africa, and an end to the brutal and dispassionate slaying  of the majestic and blameless wolf in other countries.

An end to the shameless narcissism and one-upmanship aiding and abetting the prosperity and growth of the cold-blooded fur industry, and the expansion of savage, sadistic fur factory farms.

An end to the rampant corporate greed destroying the rainforests.

New laws protecting domestic and factory farm animals, some so heartlessly abused and in such dire need of our help.

An end to cruelty to our fellow human beings, abuse of civil liberties and acceptance of those who are different.

If we continue to fight against all such wrongs in this world, I believe we will one day be where we want to be, allowing ourselves to enjoy a more peaceful, healthier and happier global society.  A society fit for all to live in on this still beautiful planet.

No-one really wants a perfect world, but right now, we all need a much better one.

Happy New Year everyone!

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40 thoughts on “The Clock Has Struck Twelve!

  1. Sorry for coming in late, Amelia. A very good year to you, too. May we see these changes and initiaves take place. What a coincidence, I wrote a similar post today –talk about thinking and wishing likewise! 🙂

  2. What a feel-good picture and such an excellent summary of what we all dearly wish for! Together we can make a difference. Thanks for caring, Amelia:)

  3. What a beautiful pic…cuddles! lol All the best for our beloved creatures that share this world with us! And for you, Amelia!

  4. Thank You Amelia, for all your hard work and dedication to the animals!
    May 2014 be a bright future for the animals we hold dear!

    ✳ Happy New Year ✳

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  6. Happy New Year to you and I just want to thank you for all the active participation you take in saving life, and creating awareness. You are a blessing on this Earth. Namaste’ and blessings abundant for you in this new year

  7. Dear Amelia. Wishing you and all of the other wonderful humans and creatures of every species (including monarch butterflies) and their habitats (don’t forget milkweed) who share our planet a HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR! Love, Bette

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