Pile of Bison skulls in the 1870’s. They were killed by hunters who were paid by the U.S. government.

Nothing much has changed then!

I hope to be remembered for my atrocities!


How many of you know the actual context behind this picture? It’s one they certainly don’t teach you in school. The U.S. Army promoted the wholesale extermination of bison herds in order to defeat the Native Americans, as bison were their main food supply. The U.S. government actually paid a bounty for each bison skull recovered. A section of the Royal Museum of Alberta in Canada has a small section dedicated to this, with this very picture.” (Source)

Throughout the 1800’s the North American Bison were hunted to such an extreme that their numbers declined from tens of millions to under less than one thousand.

You can see the pile is in front of a processing plant (it’s in the background). Bison bones were ground up into bone meal fertilizer or charred to make bone black, a substance with several uses (one is refining sugar, bone black…

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  2. It was horrible the way they slaughtered the buffalo. The indians used all parts of the animal when the killed one, but the white man just wanted their hides. Such a tragic, tragic waste. The good news is that there are places here in the southwest that are attempting to bring back the buffalo. I love to make a trip every now and then to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma where they have Buffalo grazing all over the refuge. They are also bringing back some other endangered species there. You’d love the place, Amelia. Blessings, Natalie

    • Oh, Natalie, I would love to go there. It is heartening to know people still care about this magnificent animal. I would give anything to see one up close. When you think of it, nothing has been sacred to man since time began and it’s wonderful to know they are making a come-back.

      Have a wonderful Christmas, my dear kind friend, and may the New Year bring you and your family all you wish for ~ Amelia ♥ ♥

    • Oh Amelia, you would love it. When I go, it feels like I’ve entered some incredibly sacred place and the holiness moves all around you and you can almost hear the ancient chants of the Indians in the moving waters, in the rustling leaves, and in the waving grasses. The longhorn cattle and buffalo are free to roam all over and they sometimes get very close to the car as we drive around. I’ll have to do a post on it sometime. Blessings, Natalie

      • Sorry about the late reply, Natalie. The days of Christmas and the family took over, and I have been absent for a few days. I hope you had an absolutely fabulous Christmas time, my friend. 🙂

        This sounds the most wonderful place, and it is so good to hear of animals roaming free, without persecution. I am sure you are completely right – I would love it. ♥

  3. A mountain of skulls dwarfed by those killed daily by animal agriculture alone, not mentioning, vivisection, hunting, etc. Man’s atrocious appetite for destruction, his hateful self-destructive nature is insatiable, and sadly unstoppable.

  4. Oh! and let us not forget the Wolves, Seal hunts, Elephants, Rhino’s, Alligators, Lion hunts, Fox hunting, Wild horses, and the Whales…….well pretty much every other life form on the planet huh! 😦

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    Reminds me of the Terminator film! What words can depict the horror of acts such as these? – yet, parallel carnage such as this is still being committed around the world with the same disregard for life. Cruelty, and ignorance abound. Taiji, Fur trade, Dog/Cat/Snake meat, Badger Cull, just to name a very small few. It’s obscene, and I despair at mans ignorance at what he is doing. RIP dear creatures, those that care and understand the beauty of nature and the Cosmic Laws of the Universe are your witnesses and we do not forget – ever! Peace, if that’s possible in this bloodthirsty and destructive world. Ravenskeeper.

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