The Triple Whopper Environmental Impact of Global Meat Production

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You may think you live on a planet, but really you live on a gigantic farm, one occasionally broken up by cities, forests and the oceans. Some 40% of the world’s land surface is used for the purposes of keeping all 7 billion of us fed — albeit some of us, of course, more than others. And the vast majority of that land — about 30% of the word’s total ice-free surface — is used not to raise grains, fruits and vegetables that are directly fed to human beings, but to support the chickens, pigs and cattle that we eventually eat.

Livestock production — which includes meat, milk and eggs — contributes 40% of global agricultural gross domestic product, provides income for more than 1.3 billion people and uses one-third of the world’s fresh water. There may be no other single human activity that has a bigger impact on…

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2 thoughts on “The Triple Whopper Environmental Impact of Global Meat Production

  1. What a poignant alegory and so much truth in it. The article is very interesting, falling in line with meatonomics. The numbers, rates and facts are staggering and alarming as usual, but this seems to have little effect on the population.

    With the famous hamburger manufacturers (in a scandal lately of using horse meat) in a rampant targetting at the very young generation, little hope is left for a change. The rate of destruction of habitats to make hamburgers is simply immoral. 😦

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