Thanks for the Nominations!

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My heartfelt thanks to all who have nominated me for the following awards.  I deeply appreciate every one of them and equally as deeply apologise for not having passed them on sooner. Awards are a wonderful way to keep in touch with fellow bloggers and discover new blogs in this absolutely amazing WordPress community, and I am thrilled my little blog has been nominated so many times in the past month. Thank you all. I thought it might be best (inspired by my blogging friend Morgan‘s post) to do one huge post, and mention everyone  at once at this time of goodwill and cheer. I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

AWARDS - Awesome Blog Content Award x 3

Thank you to Dear Kitty for this nomination. Dear Kitty has one of the most diverse blogs I have ever seen. Such a mass of truly valuable information on so many subjects.
My nominees for this award are:

Exposing the Big Game
Source of Inspiration
For a Better Earth 

The rules can be found here

AWARDS - Versatile Blogger Award x 1

Thanks so much to esraaysu for this nomination. Esraaysu’s blog, Night with Deer, has the most beautiful pencil drawings, which you really must see.
My nominees for this award are:

Walking with Alligators
The Paw Report 
Fetita cu ‘nu’ in brate
Jet Elliot
Surviving on Terra 3
Diary of Dennis
avian 101
Don Charisma
Is it just me?
My Motivation Blog

The rules can be found here

AWARDS - Awesome Blog Content Award x 3

Huge thanks to Marlyn on Kintal for this nomination. Marlyn has a delightful blog filled with wonderful images and illustrations.
My nominees for this award are:

Jeremy the Boy Poet
Pig Love
Vegan Lynx
Dennis Cardiff 
Princess of the Light
Dyan Diamond 
Shehanne Moore
Peace, Love and Great Country Music

The rules can be found here.

AWARDS - Blog of the Year Award 2

My gratitude for this award goes to Emy at Fur Out the Closet. Emy campaigns tirelessly on against the despicable fur trade.
My nominees for this award are:

The Forester Artist
Croatia, the War, and the Future 

The rules can be found here:

AWARDS - Awesome Blog Content Award x 3

My sincere thanks to Cosmic Pilgrim for this one. Cosmic Pilgrim is a lovely blog celebrating life and humanity, enlightenment, consciousness and awareness.
Here my nominees are:

Friendly Fairy Tales
Adam’s Symposium 
Wolf is my Soul 
Our Compass 
Our World
Animals Deserve to Live 
Idealistic Rebel 

The rules can be found here

AWARDS - WordPress Family Award x 1

…and finally, an enormous thank you to Morgan whose blog booknvolume is an inspiration to all. If you don’t already follow, check this wonderful blog out.
My nominees are:

J R Barker 101 
4 Readers and Writers 
Through the Peacock’s Eyes
Petchary’s Blog 
Sunny Side Up 
Going to the Dogs 
A Daily Thought 
Fighting for Hope 
50 Lux 

You can find the rules here

My time spent here has been a happy one thanks to all of you, and all the other wonderful bloggers I have been unable to squeeze into these awards.  I feel privileged to have made so many incredible blogging friends everywhere.  I appreciate every single one of you, and I wish you all happiness and joy at Christmas time and hope the New Year brings you all the good things you wish for. ~ Amelia


52 thoughts on “Thanks for the Nominations!

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  3. Congratulations on all your nominations Amelia! They are well deserved,you put so much love and care into each one. I enjoy reading your beautiful blog.
    I want to apologize for being so late getting back to you, and thank you so very much for the nomination, this really belongs to all of you,for all your hard work, I except in honor of all you, Now I just gotta figure out how to copy and paste or is it paste and copy??? I have no idea 😉

    • My turn to apologise, Nancy, for lateness. I got a bit caught up with Christmas and the family. Well worth it, though. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your kind words, my friend. If you get stuck with the copy/paste bit, let me know if I can help. But, there is no hurry – do it whenever you have some spare time – I know how busy you must be 🙂 🙂

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  5. Dear Amelia, thank you for the honor of nominating me for this award. I, too have been a procrastinator in accepting and will do so before year’s end. Thanks for the ideas of putting them together in one post. I’ll try that, too. Blessings, Bette

  6. Honoured and thrilled by the nomination, thank you Amelia!. Congratulations on your awards –well deserved for all you do, my friend. Merry holidays and much peace to you ♥

  7. Amelia: I know from your blog that you have a boundless heart (plus so many cool things (like the shooting stars!!!). You deserve all of these and more. You’ve brought much awareness to me and others of the plight of the voiceless and disappearing wonders in this world. Rally on!!

    (And thanks for the nod to me. Very kind of you. ((((hug)))))

  8. You have one popular blog and I completely understand why! Congratulations and thank-you for all of the work you do for animals and the Earth. I really do love your blog – you teach me so much. Thank-you for the nomination too – I’m very grateful. 🙂

  9. Thank you so much my friend. It is awesome that you thought of me. Huge congrats on all these awards. they are well deserved for all the work you do on behalf of all the species who cannot speak for themselves.

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  11. Thank you so much for the ABC Award! I feel so honored and I really appreciate it! Happy Holidays to you and your family! 🙂

  12. first of all congratulations. second, I am honored to receive your nomination and I am thankful to see my blog mentioned by you. Unfortunately, I am a bit short on time these days and I prefer writing my own articles in the holiday-spirit, answer comments and visit my fav blogs 🙂 Thanks again.

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