Chinese shark fin soup ban

Another big step for China… few more to go though!

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This video says about itself:

3 July 2012

China announces plans to ban shark fin soup at official functions, delighting environmentalists. Ramy Inocencio reports.

From AFP news agency:

China bans shark fin soup from official receptions

09 Dec 2013 03:38

China on Sunday announced a ban on the serving of shark fin and bird’s nest soup at official banquets, as part of a sweeping government crackdown on corruption and excessive spending.

Shark fin has effectively been off the menu at official dining tables since 2012 when Beijing pledged to bar the popular yet controversial delicacy as part of its anti-extravagance campaign.

Demand for shark fin has plummeted after many high-end hotels and restaurants stopped serving the dish, along with other expensive delicacies favoured by Communist Party officials such as abalone and bird’s nest soup.

An order from the Communist Party Central Committee and the State Council “explicitly ruled out dishes…

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14 thoughts on “Chinese shark fin soup ban

  1. I appreciate your introducing me to your blog and providing so much helpful information about the environment and animals, especially giving a voice to the sharks who so deserve our honor and respect. Thank you for visiting my blog CHICKENurture.

  2. More good news from China. Hope that from only at official functions this trend will move forward a total ban. Sharks endure a most abominable death. I wrote in the past about these great creatures and am very happy that this is finally taking place.

    But, as it reads, the motif was to cut corruption and excessive government spending. For this, i hope that the ban will last as shark welfare is not the reason of the ban. Either way, it is a good start.

  3. If the whole animal was consumed, then fair enough. They usually catch the sharks, chop the fin off and throw the shark back to die.

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