A HUGE Positive Step: China to Finally Criminalize Poaching

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Kristina Pepelko                       
December 5, 2013

Many never thought they’d see the day come, but it finally has – China, one of the world’s largest importers of ivory, has announced, that it, along with 29 other nations, will help protect the world’s elephants by criminalizing poaching.

Now, that’s something to celebrate.

For the past year, it seemed that poaching was reaching a whole new level, with poachers resorting to tactics like cyanide poisoning to hack off precious elephant tusks and a death toll skyrocketing to 22,000 dead elephants across Africa in 2012 – a number that a new report by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) recently revealed.

The same report estimates that if poaching continues at around the same rate it is now for the next 10 years, 20 percent of Africa’s elephants will be wiped out, further devastating the ecosystem and an already vulnerable…

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5 thoughts on “A HUGE Positive Step: China to Finally Criminalize Poaching

  1. Indeed, great news Amelia. Each country that joins sets an example. But we know that this is two-fold –demand, poverty and other contributing factors must be addressed, too, to make this really work. Uplifting news, above all 🙂

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