Chinese animal rights campaigners lambast cat and dog meat trade

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OC Note: All animals deserve freedom from exploitation, not just cats and dogs.  This is one campaign to establish freedom for some.


BEIJING – Animal rights campaigners have launched a poster campaign urging Chinese diners to turn down cat and dog dishes, with the group calling for the creatures to be considered “friends not food”.

The 279 adverts were put up in 14 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Hong Kong-based campaign group Animals Asia said.

Cat and dog meat are not widely eaten in China but can be found at some restaurants, particularly in the south, where they are sometimes considered specialities.

But as the country has grown wealthier pet ownership has increased, and more than 30 million households now keep a cat or dog, according to research group Euromonitor.

Animals Asia appeared to be trying to tap into that growing demographic of pet owners.

One poster showed…

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5 thoughts on “Chinese animal rights campaigners lambast cat and dog meat trade

  1. I am glad to see a trend in trying to shift cruel cultural traditions and trulyt hope for the best. When I was in China, it was utterly heartbreaking to see all these poor stray animals and know their terrible fate. Tourists would even rescue puppies from restaurant kitchens.

    But this brings the ethical question: why do people feel horrified about eating dogs and cats, while indulging in a carnivore feast of other dead animals?.

    I dream of a vegan world where much-needed peace would befall upon all creatures wild and tame ♥

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