The Blessing of Animal Companions

Something meditative for your Thanksgiving day, if you are in the U.S., and just something beautiful and meditative for your day, whatever day it is! What a blessing the animals are in our world, and so thankful places like this exist for them. Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

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  1. Lovely! Thank you! No elk, sheep, or mountain lion where we were for the holiday, but a resident pair of bald eagles and a redtail hawk blessed us daily with their presences, as did many seabirds and songbirds (on whom the raptors were amply feeding!).

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video, Amelia. It was nice to see el Puma at the end of the film –almost exterminated from Yellowstone through “predator control” practices.

      • I will never understand the idea behing culling, Amelia. It is scientifically wrong, unethical, abhorrent and inefficient. Culling tries to “solve” a problem caused by humans in the first place through encroachment, agricultural practices, lack of understanding and so much more. It is trying to be more powerful than the forces of Life themselves.

        Sorry I did not expand my comment with dates, Amelia. After watching the video, I found an article on el Puma (Puma concolor) in Yellowstone Park that read: “In the early 1900s, cougars were killed as part of predator control in the park. By 1925, very few individuals remained. However, cougar sightings in Yellowstone have increased dramatically since the mid 20th century.”

        Nowadays, it is prohibited to hunt them in the park (and outside? gasp!) and it reads that there are “… 14–23 resident adults on the northern range; “. Such a small number, is this called a “dramatic increase”?.

        I hope that el Puma remains healthily stable accross the country, currently listed as Least Concern — but we know how fragile even this status is.– and hopefully not pushed to endangerment as their kin the Florida Panther. 😦

        Article here:

        • I agree wholeheartedly with you about culling, Carmen. I don’t really think we have the right to do this either, unless there is some very viable justification for it. Don’t worry about the dates -it’s just good to know they are still there. 🙂

          What a very informative and well-written article about Yellowstone’s cougars. Although, there seems to be some competition between them and the wolves, this is, of course, quite natural. And, I loved the instructions given when encountering one of them., especially the part “show your teeth while making noise” 🙂

          “If a big cat is close by: Stay in a group; carry small children; make noise. Do not run, do not bend down to pick up sticks. Act dominant—stare in the cat’s eyes and show your teeth while making noise”

          Let’s hope they keep holding their own. 🙂

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