Badger Cull Aborted in Gloucestershire

The Telegraph

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The pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire will end three weeks early after officials conceded defeat in their attempt to hit targets even after they were significantly reduced.

Culling will end at midday on Saturday after culling contractors informed Natural England that a significant reduction in badger numbers by December 18, when shooting was due to end, was “unlikely”.

The Daily Telegraph
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15 thoughts on “Badger Cull Aborted in Gloucestershire

  1. Ha! Excellent! I guess that answers my earlier question. I’d like to “double like” this one! 🙂

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    • Very good news, Carmen. 🙂 (The fact that this happened within 48 hours of Brain May’s petition being rejected is also possibly something of note !!!)

      But, it is disappointing that they did not act sooner to end this fiasco. They may not have reached their targets, but a lot of badgers have died unnecessarily. They could have stopped that.

      Let us hope it does not start all over again next year 😦

  3. I’m not sure I quite understand this, but I say Yeah badgers! Why are people killing them? Are they considered pests? Why can’t anyone hit them? Bad shots? Tricky badgers? Whatever the case, way to go cute little critters!

    • They have been wrongly killing these poor little things to stop the spread of Bovine TB. The scientific evidence told them this was unwise, but they went ahead anyway. Now they have had to give in to their original advisors, and, dare I say, public opinion. (For now!)

      I would like to think the reason so few were shot, is they managed to outwit those of lesser intelligence than they. And, presumably on those shoots, there were many! Firearms and intellect rarely go hand in hand.

      Thank you so much, librarylady, for taking an interest in the badgers 🙂 🙂

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