High Court Rejects Badger Cull Legal Bid

Via The Telegraph

The application by Brian May’s Save Me, naming Environment Secretary Owen Paterson and Natural England as defendants, has been rejected in the High Court. The ruling was delivered today.

Read the full article here on Save Me’s Facebook page

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12 thoughts on “High Court Rejects Badger Cull Legal Bid

  1. I’m terribly sorry to hear that. Is December 18th the end of it for sure, then? Or may they start another “cull” after this?

  2. Heartbreaking!. It is outrageous to say “In refusing the application for urgent consideration Mr Justice Ockelton, sitting as a Deputy Judge of the High Court, said it was not easy to see why there was now urgency “save because of the consequences of the cold weather, said to have led to ill treatment of badgers”.”

    It has failed urgency but it can be considered at a later time, isn’t it so Amelia?. Still, cruelty upon cruelty and in the meantime how many more will suffer caged in freezing temperatures awaiting an abhorrent fate?.

    😦 😦

    • What I fail to see, Carmen, is why ‘it was not easy to see why there was now urgency’. Can he read? I need to read this again, Carmen (the whole article). I don’t think all is lost, and as you say, it can be considered at a later time, but if that is so, it is simply not good enough!

      It would be interesting to know if Mr Justice Ockelton is also a landowner! There is something about all of this that smites of an old-boy network. Whatever is going on, it’s time this country had great shake up. We have the wrong people making the decisions here (and not just where badgers are concerned!).

      My heart goes out to those poor little innocent badgers. 😦 😦

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