Please Help the Badgers of Britain


No matter how many times the scientific evidence is presented, these people will not stop killing our badgers.   Mindless culling is not the answer – vaccination is!   The Government and the NFU are fully aware of this.   Yet, they will not stop.

These deaths are inhumane and unnecessary. This barbaric cull must end before the blood-thirsty NFU endanger the whole species.   And, before they are allowed to shoot, gas or snare, or maim or orphan any more of these shy, gentle, unassuming animals.

This is money and politics, and a species is dying because of it.   Not one ounce of common sense is being displayed here.   And, certainly not one jot of compassion.  Callousness, stupidity and inhumanity are the only things leaping off the page.  Furthermore, England, as a nation, should not be dictated to by one specific sector of society (i.e. the farming community).

These are our badgers, and most of us want to keep them.   This is unlawful killing of a wild animal.  

If those who are against the cull unite, we will have a far greater chance of success. There are many people still out there who object to the cull, but have yet to register that objection.  The badgers need you!  Every signature and every letter counts. Please do the right thing,  and do not stand by and just watch this inhumane and immoral slaughter of these defenceless creatures.  Complacency does not win wars!  Help them now!

“All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”
Edmund Burke

Links where you can help to save the badger (UK)
Humane Society International  (Sign by council area)
Badger Trust
Just do something!

International signing sites
The Animal Rescue Site
iPetitions – Stop the Badger Cull
Badger Rescue and Vaccination Everywhere (sponsors)
Boycott All English Farm Produce

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18 thoughts on “Please Help the Badgers of Britain

  1. Very well said, Amelia. It’s the same attitude as with our wolves and coyotes (fortunately, the latter are resilient, but they’d kill them all if they could…kill them and name a sports team after them, like the nations of peoples exterminated before them). I will never understand it. Thanks for posting the petitions that foreign folks can sign.

    • Thank you, Camilla. 🙂 Man seems set upon killing everything in this world he does not understand. Or, perhaps it’s just a basic blood-lust! Thank you so much, Camilla, for signing the petitions. I have dear Carmen to thank for those. She came up with the international links. They were quite hard to find. The British Government hates (possibly fears) outside interference and makes it all as difficult as possible. 😦

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  3. I love your ending quote, Amelia. What a touching article you wrote. I found a couple of petitions against the Badger cull that are open to all the world to sign. Let me share the links here:
    sponsored by Badger Rescue and Vaccination Everywhere
    by HM Government

    Hope this encourages everyone to add a voice ♥ ♥ ♥

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