5 Ways You Can Help Save the Orangutans

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5 Ways You Can Help Save the Orangutans

Palm oil and its connection to the endangerment of diversity is a subject of increasing significance and one that long been important to me. I was exuberant when this article about Halloween candy and its link to orangutans popped up on my Facebook news feed a week and a half ago. Since then I have sporadically seen articles breach the subject of palm oil. While I don’t pretend to be an expert on the topic, I have witnessed the devastation first hand. It’s about time mainstream media begins to discuss palm oil and its tragic effects on some of the most diverse areas in the world.

The History

Since the 1990’s production of palm oil has skyrocketed. It is now used in nearly 50 per cent of all packaged products. In the last 10 years, import of palm oil has increased tenfold in the United States alone. The origin of…

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11 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Help Save the Orangutans

  1. Another good post on the palm oil industry. I did not know that it was being hailed as a panacea for America’s ills (obesity) and perceived ills (“signs of aging”). It figures. We are always looking for some fix-it pill. Anything as long as we don’t have to quit shoving our faces full of processed foods and cheeseburgers. Somehow we are so gullible that we see a spot on the local “news,” watch some tv ads, and all rush out to buy the next best “heart-healthy” “fat free” thing. Can I get that cheeseburger with acai berry and pomegranite? I’ll take it! Fried in palm oil? Will it make me look younger? Super size it! Good grief! Must be the effects of all that MSG on our brains…..

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