Indian circus elephants to nature reserves

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This video says about itself:

The largest of land mammals GAJRAJ, as the elephant is popularly known in India, is inseparably woven with the culture, history & tradition and symbolizes strength, prosperity and wisdom.

This film shot in the idyllic surrounding of the Jim Corbett National Park, typical elephant country, takes viewers through the elephant‘s natural history- from its evolution 55 million years ago to its present distribution and depicts its physiology & ecology and also talks of history, of gestation & mortality, of domestication & conservation and about poaching for ivory.

From Wildlife Extra:

The end of the show for India’s elephants

November 2013: The sight of elephants languishing in circuses and zoos in India are to be a thing of the past according to the country’s Central Zoo Authority (CZA). The CZA has issued a notice to zoo authorities stating that their elephants should…

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7 thoughts on “Indian circus elephants to nature reserves

  1. This is truly good news! (Thanks for posting it, Amelia! I needed some good news! :-)) I am happy, too, to read about the UK’s ban. This only makes the US failure to produce similar legislation an even greater indictment. While we are busy admiring our “exceptionalism” in our magic mirror (“who’s the fairest of them all?”), much of the rest of the world has banned circus animals. Hooray, Los Angeles, for outlawing the bullhook (THAT was a controversy???).

  2. Excellent news!. This touches me deeply as I have been following ADI’s campaigns to liberate the enslaved elephants still in travelling circuses in the UK. Great news from India, joining other countries that have already banned animals in circuses, including Southameriican countries. Hopefully, this will be a shining light for younger generations and these outdated and cruel practices will be closed forever.

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