Hong Kong Is Sitting On 30 Tons Of Ivory and Has No Plans to Destroy It


When it crushed six tons of confiscated ivory on Thursday, authorities in the United States ensured that it had no chance of ending up in the wrong hands. Hong Kong, which seized more ivory between January and October this year than the U.S. has in the past twenty-five years, has yet to take the same precautions and the continued existence of its stockpile of confiscated ivory is arousing the concern of some conservationists.

China’s is the world’s leading destination for illegal shipments of elephant tusk and rhino horn, and Hong Kong a major transhipment point for the grisly but lucrative trade. The city’s cache of confiscated ivory is estimated to total around thirty tons, and wildlife groups have been calling for its destruction.

Although the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) of the Hong Kong government approved a plan to incinerate the stockpile, its own endangered species advisory committee reversed the…

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11 thoughts on “Hong Kong Is Sitting On 30 Tons Of Ivory and Has No Plans to Destroy It

  1. Kudos to the US for the destruction of those 6 tons (!!!) of ivory. To my knowledge, however, it is still legal to import an entire elephant corpse into the US as a hunting trophy.

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