Climate: Ocean acidification will have huge costs

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Coral reef erosion is likely to outpace reef building this century

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — The legacy of historical fossil fuel emissions on ocean acidification will be felt for centuries, an international team of scientists concluded in a new report, warning that the world needs to prepare for major losses of ecosystem services.

If carbon dioxide emissions continue on their current trajectory, the acidity of the world’s oceans may increase by around 170 percent by the end of the century, the report found. People who rely on the ocean’s ecosystem services — often in developing countries — are especially vulnerable.

“What we can now say with high levels of confidence about ocean acidification sends a clear message,” said Ulf Riebesell, of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel, Germany. “Globally we have to be prepared for significant economic and ecosystem service losses. But we also know that…

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4 thoughts on “Climate: Ocean acidification will have huge costs

  1. Coral reefs are the sentinels of healthy oceans. These living organisms sustain a whole universe of creatures and the article is most concerning.

    I once dived in the Red Sea surrounded by majestic coral reefs and their rainbow of dwellers. The feeling is supernatural … If reefs die, it is unfathomable the number of species that will follow this terrible fate 😦

  2. I despair!….but can’t give up, because I, like Natalie, like this planet….rather a little. As the article mentions, acidification isn’t the only pressure facing reefs and the oceans at large. I can’t fathom what the end result of all this will be.

  3. Ya know, not only is man’s stupidity unfreakinbelievable but it’s maddening as hell too. I like this planet, and I like everything the good Lord created (well, spiders and snakes are perhaps a little over the top of badness), but I like them a whole helluva lot better than all these creeps. Okay, Amelia, remember to throw me a bone of sweet soon. Natalie 🙂 🙂 🙂

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