A Life With Constant Pain For The Dancing Bears

One Person, One World.

Gosho on the streetsThe music plays. The bear stomps it’s feet and moves about. WSPAPeople smiling, taking photos, throw some money to the ‘trainer’.

Take a step closer and look at the rope or chain that goes from the trainers hand up through the nose or are fastened in the nostrils with a big iron ring. Imagine the pain that shoots through the bears body every time it gets pulled. WSPA

The bears are poached from the wild as cubs and mostly it involves killing the mother who wants nothing more than defend her baby. Ripped away from the mothers love and safety, the cubs that survives are sold to a trainer who start the long painful road for a cub who just recently ran around in freedom, knowing nothing of the pain that awaits.

The trainer jam a hot poker or piece of metal through the snout or lip to make a permanent hole…

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8 thoughts on “A Life With Constant Pain For The Dancing Bears

  1. Wolf is My Soul spoke well. How ironic that we continue to regard ourselves as the pinnacle of creation (and lately even the pinnacle of evolution, as if evolution had a hierarchy!). Our actions give the lie to our self-conception. Whether by history, by god, or by nature, it is not our technology by which we will be judged.

  2. The day all the poeple who inhabit this our JOINED planet and at the same time realize that animals are sentient beings – capable of love, maternal feeliing, compassion and at the opposite scale – fear, pain, loss of a loved one, mourning and loneliness the whole spectrum of emotions ~ maybe then we will truly be equal to animals ~ because today WE ARE NOT

  3. People wake up!!!!!!! I just wish that some of the roles were reversed, not to hurt but to teach. We need more teachers of compassion for animals walking the earth. Thank you for your part. The photo got me a little over emotional, nauseated as well. Sad.

    • We do indeed need a few ambassadors out there showing these people the way. The children would be good start – they could teach their parents. But, why always the bears? Perhaps these monsters find them easy to train! This is another brutal activity that needs to be quashed as soon as possible. Absolutely heartbreaking, Paulette 😦

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