Orphan Elephants Lack Social Knowledge Key for Survival


6 thoughts on “Orphan Elephants Lack Social Knowledge Key for Survival

  1. The article describes the atrocity of binding the calves to their mothers while butchering them. When are these crimes going to be penalized?. As we talked in the past, culling is never the solution. It is an excuse. We see this pattern over and over again, unsufficient resources to protect wildlife and corporate greed and callousness trampling above everything.

    I second Camilla in that intelligent and sociable creatures suffer much emotional trauma. I cannot even imagine the pain and despair of the elephant family poisoned at the water hole recently.

    • I agree, Carmen. Elephants are highly intelligent creatures. How distressed these animals must have been. And culling, IMO, is nothing short of murder. Unless a species is stricken with some terrifying, highly virulent disease or their numbers are so astronomically great they are about to take over the planet, there is no excuse for it.

  2. And of course “culling” is a euphemism for trophy hunting. Elephants do not exist in such numbers as to require their population to be culled. I have heard it speculated that young male dolphins suffer similar effects from similar traumas. (Another one of those things that seems obvious to me.)

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