Meet the Newborn Baby at the Gibbon Conservation Center


12 thoughts on “Meet the Newborn Baby at the Gibbon Conservation Center

    • I am all for captive breeding programs in the interest of species survival, so those I like. But, some need closing down. But, on the rare occasion I get to go to one, like you, Laurie, I am drawn to the primates. They are so adorable ~ Amelia 🙂

      • I agree Amelia, there’s something about the primates. A similarity to us, the intelligence in their eyes. I always remember going to a zoo in England as a boy. I think it was at Heysham or Liverpool, not sure. The smell took your breath away. I remember seeing a scrawny lion stretched out in a small concrete enclosure. Terrible, there was no room for him to run, only stalk an area twice his body length. I know they’ve improved and I applaud the ones that have the breeding programs but I still remember that lion.

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