Delisting the Wolf – Your Help is Needed!

Grey wolf howling

Image: Lynn M. Stone / Nature Picture Library

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is in its comment period on their proposal to remove the wolf from the Endangered Species Act in the lower 48.  Hearings are being held throughout the country.  If you can go, please do.  If that’s not possible, please write or call.  They need to hear from people who want the wolf protected, not only from those who don’t.

Many thanks to my good friend, Carmen Mandel, for providing a DIRECT LINK to add your comments. Please add yours. There are almost 32,000 signatures, as I write this, but this figure falls a long way short of previous opportunities.
This is so important
Please add your comment now
Your Voice in Federal Decision-Making

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Click here for more details:
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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NOTE: The two proposed rules published in the Federal Register on June 13, 2013.  The public comment periods that were due to close on September 11 have now been extended through 11:59 pm December 17, 2013.


55 thoughts on “Delisting the Wolf – Your Help is Needed!

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  2. Fantastic work, Amelia and Carmen! I think it’s a great idea to copy one’s comments to the Department of the Interior and to Obama.

  3. Reblogged this on The First Gates and commented:
    If wolves are removed from Endangered Species protection, the day may soon return when there are none in the lower 48. I’ve worked with these magnificent creatures as a volunteer at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary, and in my opinion, that would be a tragedy. Please read this article and make your comment on the Federal website. True, like most Federal websites these days, it is down, but keep trying! I plan to.

  4. Thank you, Amelia, for posting this! Was rushed this morning, so didn’t comment here. I did comment at USFWS, however! Will get that link onto SongdogDreaming, too! Thanks for visiting! Hope you will enjoy my animals!

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Camilla. It’s great you and so many others are leaving comments the the USFWS. If we all keep spreading the word as well, perhaps there will be a chance for the beautiful wolves to survive ~ Amelia 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for this post. When people find out what is happening in the states where wolves have already been delisted, they are shocked. U.S. Fish and Wildlife permits this in the name of state “management”. The more people know about these practices and the more they speak out, the better.

    • I should be thanking you, Monica, for alerting me to the extension. As you can see, there have been some wonderful bloggers reblogging the post to their followers too, so lots of potential support there as well. I pray this all has some effect and we are all listened to and yet another bloodfest can be avoided. ~ Amelia 🙂

  6. Put my comment on the government site. If we cause an imbalance in nature there are always consequences! Leave well alone especially top predators. They alone keep the natural balance so prey animals do not over populate causing disease, starvation and invasion into other areas.

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