1. Good morning/evening, Amelia, how many unquestionable and painful truths you have addressed here … You are so right in that we see this pattern in other populations. The poor British Badger is yet another victim where the gun against the innocent and defenceless is the alleged solution.

    Only when the deed becomes punishable by law, a certain control can be exerted and some suffering, alleviated. Compassion and scientific evidence play no role when they should. I have learnt with a broken heart that only the law might help deter crimes against the animals.

    Your words ” They wound, they maim, and they orphan.” are the most poignant representation of the horrific fate of this little creature. We see once again the scapegoat for the darkness of the human soul, the superiority of the gun, dominion of the human race. I always ask what if the situation were reversed. Man becomes the persecuted, trampled upon, poisoned, trapped, killed, hunted, maimed, abused, lured, tortured, denigrated, enslaved and eaten. Only then, we’ll begin to see a shift in the inescapable tragedy of our fellow creatures.

    One of the pictures in my blog post “Safe Passage” shows our American Badger in a safe situation thanks to the good hand of Man. May this other innocent and beautiful creature, in this particular situation where humans have helped them along many others, in the kindness of those eyes captured by the camera, be a beacon of hope for their British little cousins and lift the spirits of the innocent dead to Badger Heaven.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Good evening to you Carmen. (It is 2.00am here, so I am assuming it is early to mid evening to you 🙂 ). You are absolutely right. The boot should be on the other foot – if only for a short time. It brings to mind a William S. Gilbert quote I once used “Deer hunting would be fine sport, if only the deer had guns”.

      Re your link to ‘Safe Passage’, I have seen an image of one of these wildlife crossings before, located somewhere in Europe, but I had no idea there were others, and in other countries. This is fantastic. And, your post really, as Gretchen says, brings it all to life. The alligator is priceless 🙂 This is just such a wonderful idea. Not only practical, but so thoughtful too. I only wish there were more of these. Every day, as I drive, I see masses of dead animals on the road. Mostly rabbits and pheasant here, though not as exotic, just as important. And, sometimes there are badgers or deer. I think they would all appreciate safe places to cross busy roads. This is something that should be all across the globe. Great post, Carmen, thank you for drawing my attention to it ~ Amelia 🙂

  2. Culling populations is never the solution, it is neither humane nor ecologically sound. Simplistic thinking against massive scientific evidence … Ingenuity for win-win solutions leads the way in wildlife conflict resolution.

    So I just read about the badger vaccination programmes –quote “…the injectable BadgerBCG vaccine. A number of other Wildlife Trusts have joined Gloucestershire in carrying out local vaccination programmes -“. This is a win-win for all and I hope it will succeed. How humane this solution is.

    The article here:

    Thank you for sharing this video, Amelia. One suffers much with all this cruelty around us , but sometimes, just sometimes, there is a flame of hope lit by those who can implement a change.

    • Thank you for the wonderful interest you have shown in British badgers, Carmen. They are gentle, harmless creatures, and this cull is totally unjustified. I couldn’t agree more. Culling is NOT the answer, for so many reasons – Vaccination programmes are. To quote part of the text from your above link to The Wildlife Trusts – “Culling badgers in the high risk area despite a robust scientific evidence base demonstrating that culling will make no meaningful contribution to tackling the disease in cattle and is an expensive, high-risk and potentially counter-productive distraction.”

      The authorities have been presented with all the scientific evidence they could possibly need to illustrate the folly of their actions – but they refuse to pay heed.

      Mindless fools are being let loose with guns, in the dark, to attempt to kill these creatures. They wound, they maim, and they orphan. Times are being extended on culls, despite the reaction of the public. No-one is listening. This is all so reminiscent of the wolves. The wrong people in charge; the wrong species suffering, and justice as fragile as a spider’s web in the wind.

      Moreover, this is about the idle, penny-pinching members of the National Farmers Union, made up of landowners (the NFU estimates over 70% of full-time farmers make up their members) who refuse to address the situation in an acceptable manner. (This is a union! – how on earth did England get back to this – unions controlling the country!!!) There are alternatives – they simply won’t take them. It is far easier to kill an animal that than to implement costly changes and move forward in their antiquated farming methods.

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