110 Wolves Have Been Killed After Day 8 Of Hunting Season

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By Chuck Quirmbach

The Department of Natural Resources says that as of Wednesday morning, 110 wolves have been killed in the wolf hunting and trapping season.

The season just started last week. Last year, 117 wolves were killed during the entire two month season. DNR official Tom Hauge says the faster pace of this year’s harvest remains a bit of a mystery.

“We really don’t have any good ideas as to why that is,” says Hauge. “But the trappers are out in large numbers this year and are having some good success.”

Most of the 110 wolves killed this year, were first caught in traps. Two people concerned about the possibility of using dogs to hunt wolves testified before the DNR Board today. Dogs are banned from the wolf hunt until December 2.

A wolf-hunting zone in far northeastern…

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9 thoughts on “110 Wolves Have Been Killed After Day 8 Of Hunting Season

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Amelia. It is appalling that all this cruelty is fuelled by hunter licence fees. The numbers are disproportionate, such as 46 wolves per hunter. It has been scientifically demonstrated that wolf populations need to co-exist for a healthy environment. Trapping, shooting any creature is an unspeakable act of cruelty. Rancher compensation programmes exist where this is matter of concern. Callous interests are on top of all the damage and suffering caused, so the wolf hunt will continue to exist as long as money remains top priority. Sad and disheartening beyond words.

    • Even sadder, Carmen, so many seem to be enjoying this. There seems to be little anyone can say or do to stop it all, despite the number of people against it, or the its insanity. No-one is listening. We have the same thing going on the UK at the moment with badgers – but the carnage, awful as it is, does not begin to compare with what is happening in some states in the US. A sad, sad world we live in.
      UPDATE: Apparently lots more have been killed since posting! It just gets worse. As you say, disheartening beyond words.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, Carmen. I really appreciate it. ~ Amelia 🙂

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