Gov. Brown Signs Bill Banning California Bobcat Trapping

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SourceCenter for Biological Diversity

SACRAMENTO, Calif.— Gov. Jerry Brown today signed a bill that will ban commercial bobcat trapping around California’s national and state parks, monuments and refuges. Assembly Bill 1213 also prohibits bobcat trapping on private land without the owner’s permission and ends the state’s subsidy of this archaic practice.

“This is great news for California’s bobcats, and for the millions of Californians and visitors alike who love watching wildlife in our beautiful parks and other wild places,” said Brian Nowicki with the Center for Biological Diversity.

Assembly Bill 1213, introduced by Assemblyman Richard Bloom, was sparked by a disturbing increase in commercial bobcat trapping just outside the boundary of Joshua Tree National Park. In some areas the amount of trapping increased eight-fold over the course of two years as international demands for pelts grew.

Thousands of California residents spoke out against bobcat trapping. Rising fur prices overseas have…

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