Partnership to Save the Elephants to dedicate $80mil on ending elephant poaching

This is incredible news.

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On Thursday, the Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action announced that seven countries in Africa have come together with environmental groups to help save the continent’s majestic animals. The project was committed to by the Wildlife Conservation Society, African Wildlife Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, and International Fund for Animal Welfare, along with numerous other partners. The funding will be used to “stop the killing, the trafficking, and the demand.”

The partnership’s website states that 2012 was the worst year for elephant conservation, as 35,000 African elephants were slaughtered. They are determined to end this tragic practice by 2016 through many different means that target each of the three aspects. They will focus on 50 protected areas, enhancing the current anti-poaching methods, through upgraded equipment and technology, and more comprehensive training. In addition, they are looking to hire 3,000 more anit-poaching park guards to…

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