Why are the morally bankrupt so hell-bent on our destruction?

Sunrise and forestI am fiercely passionate about the environment.  I believe,  as many do,  we are destroying the planet for future generations,  either through ignorance or simply for the sake of profit;  and much more needs to be done to target these flaws.

Despite conservationists,  environmentalists and other scientists perpetually seeking and finding new ways to halt the various contributing factors;  man,  in many cases,  will not cease to destroy what is there unless he is either educated,  in the case of those who are not,  or his greed is tempered,  in the case of those involved in major corporations.

Without a sustainable environment,  there will be no planet left for the rapacious and the ill-informed to pillage.

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6 thoughts on “Why are the morally bankrupt so hell-bent on our destruction?

  1. Interesting point made here, the real question is if it’s possible in the first place? I wonder if we look for answers in the wrong place. Does man have the moral aptitude to achieve this? Man first nature is not to protect the environment but to protect himself. So the root of the problem isn’t if something can be done. I believe it’s universally understood we are destroying the planet. But are we as a species willing to sacrifice some of our own pleasures to ensure the safety of our currently fragile environment?

    • Yet again, I couldn’t agree more. I talk often of environmental awareness, when in reality the awareness in there in many, the willingness to ‘sacrifice’ is hanging round by the back door and no-one wants to open it. Save, of course, the wonderful few who dedicate their lives to the welfare of other beings. The average man does not possess this quality. He wants his fair share of what is good – no matter the cost. After all, he will be gone long before the planet is. And, the larger corporations are, in most cases, feeding, and fuelling, the greed of the world’s population as much as lining their own pockets. So, in answer to your question, I think it is possible, but there is a very, very long way to go. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on both my posts, I really appreciate it. ~ Amelia

    • Hey there – Thank you for coming over to my blog, Kandy, and for your kind words. I am glad you liked the picture.It took a while to find the right one (forest, etc.) It seemed just perfect in the end, I’m just sorry I was unable to credit the photographer 🙂

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