Butterflies and Moths of Arizona Conservation Status

Such wonderful photographs.

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

Arizona Butterfly and Moth Conservation Checklist

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Butterflies, just like honey bees and other pollinators, are declining because of habitat loss and because of pesticides.  Even herbicides can be deadly.  Monarch butterflies for instance, do not lay many eggs if there aren’t any milkweeds, and people routinely eradicate milkweeds along with other plants.

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the conservation status of most butterflies is unknown.  Our knowledge of moths is even less complete.  Most moth species have not been identified, and there is almost no information on the conservation status of Arizona moths.  The number given below for butterflies at risk of extinction is almost certainly lower than the actual number.

Butterfly and Moth Photographs

Here are a few sample photographs of butterflies and moths seen around my home in Dewey-Humboldt on the Agua Fria River…

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