A new mammal has been found!



I find it absolutely amazing that despite the thousands of years that this earth has suffered degradation from humans that there are still new animals to be found.

An insect, fine.  Some obscure shrew, or invertebrate?  OK, but an animal in the raccoon family that is over a foot long…..Now that’s what I call entertainment!

There are of course reasons why this animal hasn’t been found before, and one of them is that where it lives is in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador where it can indeed be difficult to see whats really up there.  Also they are so well adapted to their arboreal existence that they don’t see much of a need to go to the forest floor.

Initially I assumed that the terrain of the land was especially hard to cultivate as us humans are rather fond of sawing entire ecosystems to shreds.  Well, as…

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